Thursday, June 30, 2011

Highland Holiday

Hey all, sorry I didn't post lately, but I didn't have internet for the past 3 days. The reason being we took a 3 day excursion to Isle of Skye and our Hostel didn't have WiFi. Ok so I have a lot to catch everyone up on.

The trip we took was through a company so we were on a van with some other people. They all seemed really nice, so it worked out well. Anyways, we left at 9 on Tuesday morning, heading to the highlands and Isle of Skye. Our first stop was in a cute little town with a very amazing bakery. After that we kept going until we came to a woolen mill and whiskey place, where I finally got a cashmere scarf, for only 25pounds, which is cheap. Following that we kept going, making stops as we went to take pictures of amazing scenery. I'd show you guys them, but that's another story I'll save for later. We continued on and stopped in Ft. William for lunch, and then kept going. Our tour guide was amazing, telling us stories about the landscape as we went, as well as myths and such. We finally made it to Isle of Skye in the late afternoon. This is probably the most beautiful place I will ever see. He said that it's only 50 miles wide, but has over 700 miles of coastline, which is shocking. And their population is only about 15,000, smaller that even Manhattan, also amazing. Even the 'capitol city' of Portree, was very tiny. When we finally go there, we went to a local hotel and got sea food, which was really good because it was fresh caught. While there we were staying in a Hostel, which was interesting because it was all 5 of us in one room.... 'nuff said.

Wednesday: We met up with our tour group at 9 and headed first to a local clean spring/river, known for making one younger. The story was that this lady bathed everyday, and when she died she was 78 but people thought she was 30. It was so pretty, once again I wish I could share pictures! Ugh. Our next stop was the old caldera. Unlike most volcanic calderas, this one was formed more from the ice age with ice melting and freezing, helping it keep it's form. After that we went on a quick trip to Talisker distilery, where I tried whiskey (Ick!) and then on to Dunveagon Castle. We went through the castle and gardens, before grabbing lunch and then the gift shop, where to my surprise I found HANDSPUN SKYE YARN!!!!!!! I was so excited, that was the one thing I had wanted this whole trip-- handspun Scottish yarn. So my mission is complete, time to go home!

Ok not, but our next stop was this cliff point by the sea shore, where we had to do a lot of hiking to get to the good view point, but it was so worth it. I took so many pictures, but by now you're probably wondering why I can't share them. Well ok so we were on the cliffs, and before you get any ideas, no I did not drop it in the ocean. However, I did drop it in a puddle, causing water to enter my camera and stop working. I have since dried most of it out, which means it would probably work IF I had my memory card, which I am pretty sure I left in our hostel room because it's no where in my luggage.

So long story short no camera. After that adventure, we headed back to Portree where we went to another local sea food restaurant and I had languastines (like crayfish) and they were not very filling, but definitely a new experience- the heads were still on them! But otherwise they were pretty good.

Today: We got up early and headed our way home. We stopped first at a spot where you could see The 5 Sister peaks, based on a legend of 5 sisters who turned into mountains. Then we went on to Loch Ness, where I found Nessie! Not. But how cool would that be? Either way, it was fun to be there, I've heard so much about it. After that we headed back to Edinburgh, making a quick stop for coffee half way and then going on. We just got back, and I'm still waiting on a reply email about my memory card in Skye. But whatever, it was still an amazing trip and definitely worth the hell I went through.

Tomorrow we're finally going to the Scotish National gallery, but I don't have my camera :( Sad day.

Have a good night everyone!


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