Monday, December 31, 2012

Remembering 2012

Hey everyone :) I hope you all had a great week!

I feel like I already reviewed my year (Fall 2012 review) but I wanted to take the time to share a few quick photos of things I've done this year and have been proud of. You all may remember that I had a list of 2012 Fiber Resolutions.  The last time I talked about this list was back in July, and at the time my list was pretty close to be complete. So, I guess it's time to see if I have gotten any further in the list.

Try (and hopefully succeed) in at least color work type project, weather it be fair isle, intarsia, etc.  

Finish my first full sweater successfully.

Conquer something Lace -- Ok so I didn't finish it, but it was coming along ok before I found out it was too big. So partial success.

Felting. I don't like how it looks, but I want to try it just one, to say I did.

Nope :(

Thrumming. The new craze going around, where you knit roving into your work so the inside has pieces of roving to keep whatever is inside warm. (ie: thrummed items)

Nope :( -- And I don't really care lol

Toe-Up 2 at a time socks. 

Blocking and finishing. Every sweater makers best friend.

I think I did this a couple times, but not to the extent I wanted to. 

Try different cast on and bind off techniques, because those always come in handy.
Berry-Boned Wrists
I used the stretchy cast off for this, but I definitely want to learn more cast-ons and bind-offs this year!

Write more sock patterns!

CONQUER MY STASH! I have collected so much this year that I'd love to knit it down a bit before investing in much more. (Unless it's for a special occasion project).

Yea...about that. I didn't do so hot.

Spin something besides wool. 

I also have some Bamboo singles that I have no idea what do with!

Make a more even yarn when spinning. I am still having a lot of spots with thick and thin I'd like to get rid of

Dye bare yarn. 

Attempt different types of plys.


Well. I did a lot better than I thought. And most of the time I wasn't even trying to conquer something on the list. That should be a goal for next year: actually look at the list more. 

This coming year promises to be amazing, and I already have my goal list in mind! Check back tomorrow to see what I'll be up to in 2013.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Winter Break Wonders

Merry (Late) Christmas and a Happy Holiday! I hope everyone had a splendid day with their family and friends and was able to sit back and relax. Mine was equally great, filled with food, gifts, laughs and lot of holiday spirit!

I wanted to take a brief moment to share with you a couple of WIPs I have going on right now that I haven't had a chance to show off lately. Winter break is really helping me get some hard core knitting done, especially on the first one. It's really nice to not have to worry about school work so much for once.

I know I have mentioned a couple time in the past posts that I started a vest. Well this is it! Eco Vest by Katie Himmelberg in Cascade Eco + wool. The simplicity yet elegance of the pattern is what really drew me in, I mean look at those cables! I love cables! They are a pain to do but the end result is so worth it. This baby is coming a long rather quickly simply because without school I have been able to focus more on just sitting down and knitting. I am one repeat away from separating for the arms. 

And then there's my mom's wrap. I bagged it up and put it under the tree for her at Christmas and when she opened it she was pretty surprised. And she loves the color! So victory for me! Now if I could only get it done. This is one of those very slow going patterns. Even with a good chunk of extra time I still barely get much done: it takes a hr to do one 10 row repeat! So right now it's on inch 32 out of 84. I still have a long way to go, but she'll get it by next winter for sure. 

So back to Christmas.  As I've mentioned before, my mom is a crazy crocheter, something I have never really been able to get into successfully ( I can do a mean flower though!). Well apparently she stumbled upon this pattern that I had loved a couple years back and decided to make it for me for Christmas. When I get a better picture I'll share, but lets just say my mom is amazing. This is a ruffle scarf by Patons and it's a lot like those lacy ones that are really popular at all the stores right now. 

Overall, it was a great holiday. I walked away with gift cards for things I really needed, a pretty decent knife set and a few other kitchen gadgets. No knitting stuff this year :( I didn't need much anyways.

And my sister was a happy camper too. I made a super cute picture frame for her and got her a flowered headband, which she cannot stop wearing! And all the sweaters from my aunt make for one happy kiddo. Now if only she'd stop growing up so fast!

I spent yesterday getting my butt kicked at Spongebob Monopoly by said little sister and watching Christmas movies. I hope you and yours had a great holiday like me :)

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sorry...I had to...

Friday, December 21, 2012

FO Friday: Insert Title Here

Well, I feel like it's been forever since I have had anything to show, let alone time to post, an FO Friday or a WIP Wednesday. But today I actually do have a couple things to share with you all, and I'm really excited about them, which makes it even better.

First off, I finished all my headband orders just in time to head back home. All have been safely delivered and payed for. I made $150 for Relay For Life these past 2 weeks in doing so. But I also learned to not post about customs on a college sale board unless you actually have the time to do so.  I guess I thought I'd have more free time last week than I really did. But the end results were gorgeous, check out this KSU themed one!

I feel like I have abandoned the spindle. Except for the headbands and drawings, I really hadn't been spinning too much. Well I got some rainbow dyed wool roving from a fellow spinner and started spinning it over Thanksgiving.  Plying took a hold because of the headbands, but I was able to finish it up this past week and let me say, for a 2py, worsted handspun, I absolutely love it! The color is fun and I did a great job keeping even. In fact, it's already on the needles as a winter hat for a friend who thinks it's the coolest thing ever that I spin my own yarn. Here's hoping that's done by the time I see her Sunday!

And of course it wouldn't be a true FO Friday for me without some art! I finished my painting on Wednesday (and started another!) and I am so happy with the results. Hopefully my teacher won't ask me to change anything; it's at that point where I am ready to move on and do a new one. 

I feel like I have actually learned quite a bit about knitting from painting it. I know so much more about the stitches and the directions, as well as yarn textures and designs. Who would have thought I could really combine the 2 and learn about both at the same time.

Before I leave, I also wanted to thank all of my loyal followers and commenters. You guys make my day when I read your thoughts and blogs. Keep it up guys, I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for you.


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fall 2012 Review


The semester ended this previous Friday, and what a relief that was. The burden of classes and school work is officially lifted off my shoulders, although I still plan to work on my paintings over break. And my drawing teacher has a list of things she wants me to do to prep for my FINAL SEMESTER as a drawing major.  So technically I am not really done with school. But I don't really have classes or homework to worry about, so I can spend any extra time knitting (especially on my vest that I can't wait to share with you all!).

Given that it's the end of the semester, I really wanted to take the time to look back at this last semester and discuss all the amazing things I've accomplished, both in school, knitting and my friends.

August started out with me and my friends hitting up a concert in Kansas City by the greatest band ever, Train! It was soo much fun and the perfect way to ring in a great year with great friends.

September arrived and school started to pick up. And with school picking up, who doesn't need a de-stresser in the form of a camping trip! Me and my friends decided to just take a weekend away from Manhattan and explore Milford Lake. It was such a great experience. 

On the knitting front, I was able to finish a pair of socks, a pink hat, and my kitty ears; all despite the ever burdening amount of school work!

And art wise, I began exploring ink washes and mark making in response to my trees for my drawing class. 

And my first knitted still life!

October meant my 22nd birthday and Halloween, 2 things I always look forward to celebrating with my amazing friends (seeing a trend here, I LOVE my friends!)

The crafty-ness continued as well, with my wrist warmers and hat set, as well as a self-portrait of myself knitting!

I also started my jogging-box drawing series, something I was super excited about. 

As November entered, the workload got even more intense and my life got even more stressful.  Like you haven't all heard that before though haha. I was still able to have fun with my art friends in KC at First Fridays!

And don't forget the craft shows we worked for Relay for Life. That was a fun experience too, and a great way to get my knitting stuff out in the public.

And....I finished a headband and a cowl, 2 of my favorite projects for the year by far!

And finally December is here! With December came Christmas parties, both with my friends and my classmates.

I haven't had the chance to finish anything this month, but I've been busily working on headbands for Relay, as well as a new project for myself. 

And then there's my art, which has turned out pretty great for the end of the semester. My painting is pretty much done, just needing a bit more shadows, and my drawings are back to involving the trees. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing all the amazing things I've done this semester. I feel like I posted this more for myself than anything else, but I still love sharing all this with the world. I can't wait to start another painting, and finish this one as well. As for knitting and spinning, I have some pretty exciting adventures on the horizon.  I hope the spring is just as great at the fall was!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

With finals week wrapping up, despite the intense amount of work I still need to do, I wanted to take the time to do something for all my friends, and what better way than to compile a mixed CD of everyone's favorite Christmas tunes.  It's amazing the random songs people like this time of the year.  I thought I'd share with you all the playlist that is the first annual "World's Most Random Christmas CD". Who knows, maybe there's something on here you've never heard.

Carol of the Bells (Lyrics version)
12 Days - Straight No Chaser -- very fun A Capella version.
Where are you Christmas -- from the Grinch movie
Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives
Baby It's Cold Outside -- my favorite version being the one from Elf.
Winter Wonderland -- Classic by Bing Crosby
The Nutcracker suite
Little Drummer Boy -- version by Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
All I want for Christmas is you- Mariah Carey -- somehow is always on the list
Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant -- LOVE
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - N*sync -- will forever be on my list
X-M@S - Corey Tayler
When Christmas comes to town - Polar Express
Wizards in Winter -- Trans Siberian Orchestra
Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Jackson 5
Chanukah Song - Adam Sandler.
Do They Know It's Christmastime? - Band Aid
Last Christmas - Glee Cast
Believe - Josh Groban
Joy to the World - Train -- :D

Finals haven't given me much chance to watch movies yet, but there are a few I watch every year.

Christmas Vacation

I'll Be Home For Christmas (I have watched this every year since 3rd grade when it came out-- Jonathan Taylor Thomas is sooo hot)


The Santa Clause

So...what are your favorite holiday movies and songs? I'm always up for new ideas and suggestions to add to my list.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toys erm..Tools of the Trade!

Well, in about an hour I will be heading to the first of 2 classes on my last day of this semester. Wow the time flies!

So lately I've been really excited about some stuff I have gotten within the last couple of weeks and thought I'd take the chance to share with you.  Everything has been something I've been needing for awhile and, to further prove my nerdiness, has had me jumping up and down and 'squee-ing' for about 10 minutes straight upon arrival.

So I shared this one last time, but I wanted to again. Over break I had my dad make me a PVC Pipe Niddy Noddy. For those who do not know what that is, it's a very cool little tool for making skeins of yarn and figuring out the yardage. I love this one already! It should come in a lot of handy with all the spinning I have to do (more on that later).
I finally caved and ordered a swift. And it's amazing! It's built so nicely and it spins so smoothly, that how can you not just love it! I really did do a happy dance for a good 5 minutes when this bad boy showed up.  Right now it's hanging on my wall with command strips, to save space, but I am trying to decide if it works better vertical or horizontal. Maybe I'll try and wind my sweater yarn this weekend to find out. 

And then there's my other passion, painting. I've been obsessed with studio (good thing) lately and my teacher gave me a list of colors I should try to use to make my paintings better. These are all transparent - ish paints that are great for glazing (something I do a lot in my works).  Yes, it was expensive, but I took advantage of Black Friday sales online and just did it. After all, they will probably last me the next couple years at least. I came home Tuesday before painting class to find this box on my doorstep and it really put a smile on my face and made me just want to skip to class. Yes, I am an art nerd, but I love every minute of it. 

So I shall be spending the weekend in intensive knitting/spinning/dying mode, because I have TEN orders for headbands I have to fill. I posted my headbands on facebook and within the last 4 days I have been getting  a lot of great feedback.  That's a big amount to make in a week, but I think I can do it. I don't have too much going on finals wise. 

I hope everyone's holiday season is going great and that your week is wrapping up nicely. 


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fun With Scraps

I really should be in bed right now you guys. It's 10:30, I have a week left of classes and have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow. But I'm NOT TIRED! I hate that feeling. I really want to go work out right now, I feel so icky after all the food I ate this weekend. Hmph.

Ok enough ranting. I want to share something fun I've been doing lately. Recently, my LYS (Wildflower) started selling "Geode Skeins", AKA Scrap yarn skeins. She takes colors that go well together of fun scrap yarns and ties them together into 200 yard skeins.  Then you can use them to make projects like this:

Well I do a monthly knit club through the shop, and last month's project was the above scarf, which required a geode skein of yarn to do.Being the broke college kid I am, I decided to make my own instead with some yarns I had been given by a fellow knitter a while back.

It turns out it really isn't too hard, especially if you own a niddy noddy, something of which I do as of last week thanks to my awesome dad! So I got to work winding yarn around it and cutting and tying off at random intervals.

Besides the fact I had a few tangled skeins, this was so fun that I went ahead and made my 200 yard skein as well as two more 100 yard skeins!

I am considering selling these on Etsy or somewhere, and making up a few more with other yarns I have.  I'd love opinions! What do you think? Do people sell stuff like this? Whats the going price?

It was really relaxing to do as well, the motions of the niddy noddy are easy and fun when you get the hang of it.

So I hope you all have a great week. Wish me luck on my last week of classes (already!?!)


PS: I still haven't casted on that scarf. Turns out I don't have cables long enough for my Knitpicks. Go figure.