Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fall 2012 Review


The semester ended this previous Friday, and what a relief that was. The burden of classes and school work is officially lifted off my shoulders, although I still plan to work on my paintings over break. And my drawing teacher has a list of things she wants me to do to prep for my FINAL SEMESTER as a drawing major.  So technically I am not really done with school. But I don't really have classes or homework to worry about, so I can spend any extra time knitting (especially on my vest that I can't wait to share with you all!).

Given that it's the end of the semester, I really wanted to take the time to look back at this last semester and discuss all the amazing things I've accomplished, both in school, knitting and my friends.

August started out with me and my friends hitting up a concert in Kansas City by the greatest band ever, Train! It was soo much fun and the perfect way to ring in a great year with great friends.

September arrived and school started to pick up. And with school picking up, who doesn't need a de-stresser in the form of a camping trip! Me and my friends decided to just take a weekend away from Manhattan and explore Milford Lake. It was such a great experience. 

On the knitting front, I was able to finish a pair of socks, a pink hat, and my kitty ears; all despite the ever burdening amount of school work!

And art wise, I began exploring ink washes and mark making in response to my trees for my drawing class. 

And my first knitted still life!

October meant my 22nd birthday and Halloween, 2 things I always look forward to celebrating with my amazing friends (seeing a trend here, I LOVE my friends!)

The crafty-ness continued as well, with my wrist warmers and hat set, as well as a self-portrait of myself knitting!

I also started my jogging-box drawing series, something I was super excited about. 

As November entered, the workload got even more intense and my life got even more stressful.  Like you haven't all heard that before though haha. I was still able to have fun with my art friends in KC at First Fridays!

And don't forget the craft shows we worked for Relay for Life. That was a fun experience too, and a great way to get my knitting stuff out in the public.

And....I finished a headband and a cowl, 2 of my favorite projects for the year by far!

And finally December is here! With December came Christmas parties, both with my friends and my classmates.

I haven't had the chance to finish anything this month, but I've been busily working on headbands for Relay, as well as a new project for myself. 

And then there's my art, which has turned out pretty great for the end of the semester. My painting is pretty much done, just needing a bit more shadows, and my drawings are back to involving the trees. 

I hope you all enjoyed seeing all the amazing things I've done this semester. I feel like I posted this more for myself than anything else, but I still love sharing all this with the world. I can't wait to start another painting, and finish this one as well. As for knitting and spinning, I have some pretty exciting adventures on the horizon.  I hope the spring is just as great at the fall was!



  1. Wow, you art is looking amazing!!! Sounds like you have had a great semester, yay friends!

  2. Your art is simply amazing! One day we'll be saying we knew you when.
    There is nothing better than a great group of friends.

  3. Lisa, I love everything about this post! Your art (it's so awesome!!), your knitting, you friends- what a great way to spend the fall! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  4. Great post! You have had a great last few months, they have been challenging, yes. But look at all of this awesomeness! I love the photo of you selling things for Relay, so cute!

  5. What a great review! College is definitely all about fun experiences and making great friends, I'm glad you're getting a lot of both! Beautiful artwork, too.

  6. I love your artwork, Lisa. Looks like you had a wonderfully creative semester. Your knitting still life is amazing, and I love those kitty ears.


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