Friday, June 10, 2016

Because it's Friday

And that's all the excuse I need to update.

Ok actually I needed to have things to share. I don't want to post and not have anything new to report.  Luckily, I am FINALLY getting stuff done around here. 

This painting for example.  It has been on my easel for much longer than it needed to be, mostly because I have only been hitting studio once a week.  I want to blame work, but let's be honest, I'm just lazy.  Luckily, I finished it this morning :) 

My "Gone Fishing" socks are taking longer than I'd like also, with only one done and only to the heel on the second.  But it's my only knitting priority now so we would be good to go on finishing it soon!

Part of the reason I haven't hit the socks is that I was working on these baby items for a friend.  Using some leftover Berocco Comfort Sock from a pair a few years ago, I was able to whip all of these guys out and STILL have some yarn left.  Talk about going far. 

I started on my second ply for the alpaca.  It's a basic merino held with some sparkle.  It's slow going because my footman cord (handmade wheel remember?) broke and I've been (no surprise) too lazy to fix it. 


Knitting: I added two new books to my library this week: French Girl Knits: Accessories and Vintage Modern Knits.  Both were in bargain at Hastings and they had a buy 1 get 1 on bargain books.  I am really liking the French Girl book so far - some super cute hats are calling my name!
Art:  Check out the artist of the month at my local cafe! Taiwo Thompson just moved to the States and is dong some amazing things!
Food: Look! I posted a recipe! Sausage, zucchini and chard tacos and man oh man are they delicious!
Life:  Other things going on in my life that make good excuses not to blog: private lessons, adult knit class once a week, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mic Check Poetry, WORK.

So that's where I stand right now.  How about yourself? Enjoying the summer yet?