Monday, July 4, 2016


Here it is: July.  The year is officially more than half over and man is time going fast. I always find myself thinking there isn't enough time to get things done, and that nothing is getting done.  And then I go to write up a blog post and discover that maybe things are, in fact, getting done.

For example, the above two paintings.  I am constantly complaining that painting isn't happening, yet it must be because I finished two recently.  Although... it did take me a month to do them and they are only 9x12 each.  I'd like to blame the mess that comes with oil painting and the fact that sometimes I just don't want to get messy. 

I finished my "Gone Fishing" Socks shortly after my last blog post, and have already worn and washed them once.  Surprisingly the color didn't fade (yet) as much as I thought.  But man, photographing that YELLOW was a pain!

Something else that I finished was a quickie wedding gift for my cousin's wedding this weekend.  While I will not be attending, I wanted to send them something special since we used to be close growing up.  I made four dishcloths with Rowan Cotton.  I have come to really like this yearn for dishcloths because it has a nice stitch definition and holds up well. Two have hearts and two have their initials, both of which are R.

Onto the WIPS, I started a cowl recently with some lovely lace I purchased on a visit to Hill Country Weavers in Austin.  I had never been to that shop before but had heard many things.   It was a bit overwhelming. Picture a small house, every room filled floor to ceiling with yarn.  Luckily I was able to find a pattern I liked in my most recent Spring 2016 Knitscene and work from that.  The yarn is Anzula Meridian, which is a lovely blend of Tencil, Alpaca and Nylon.  Perfect for a summer cowl!

Because I haven't spun in awhile and finally have some extra time, I joined my LYS's Tour de Fleece team.  My goal is to finish up my current project - 1 ply of alpaca and 1 ply of merino with sparkle - and then move onto some rainbow BFL I have.  So far things are progressing fast. 

Knitting: Shortly after the Spring issue arrived (Likely because I subscribed late), the Fall 2016 KnitScene also came in my box.  And once again, there are many projects I need in my life, including: Barton CowlPerigee Socks and Maya Hat and MIttens
Art: Check out Meghan Shimek! Her art is so wild, with it's use of thick, heavy fiber.  It definitely gives me some ideas.
Cooking: We had a going away party for one of our ladies at knit group yesterday.  Since she's moving to CO, we did Tex Mex and I made Tres Leches cake.  I turned out wonderful!
Life:   This Austin based band, MCG, visited Bryan for a free concert last week.  I fell madly in love and quickly snatched their 3 song EP and a T-shirt.  Click below to listen to one of my favorites. 

If you're in the States, I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day, and if not, I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Please comment below so that I know you came by :)