Sunday, June 30, 2013

PS: Summer Art @ The Art Center!

Sorry for the lack of posting/active-ness. I have been rather lazy on the blog front this past week. This coming week I shall be better.

Tonight's PS is dedicated to my work, at which one of my jobs is using a super fancy camera to take awesome photos of the kids!

Photographic Sundays 
A chance to share an image (or images) from the week with little to no other text or blog post. 

For more awesome photos (most taken by me, a few by one of my bosses, who also did ALL the editing on these, go here or here

Have a great week guys, I can't wait to share what I'm working on! 


PS: It doesn't have to be Sunday to share your photos! Any day is fine :) 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

PS: Sunday Night Bike Ride

Photographic Sundays 
A chance to share an image (or images) from the week with little to no other text or blog post. 

 Blurry camera attempt at 4 bunnies.

Happy Sunday!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Better Late Than Never

This week flew by for me, I hope it did for you too.  In fact, this whole month of June is going really fast. Why does summer always seem to do that?

Today's post is dedicated to all the things I have meant to post but for some reason or another haven't done so.

I finished my socks last night, too late to make it a FO Friday, so I figured I'd share them today.

The yarn is Prism Saki and the pattern is Jeck. In the end, the project was the perfect knit for this yarn. The slipped stitches add to the gradations in the yarn and make for an interesting look. I had some issues with the toe on one of them, but that was simply because I had been doing them 2 at a time and couldn't get my needles adjusted properly to graft.  This pattern was written a bit oddly, but it was always originally German, so I am ok with that. I know in the future there will be more pairs in this pattern, maybe even with some mods.  :)

After my Wednesday post I realized that I never really showed off my paintings from the end of the spring semester. Silly me! Why didn't I think to post them??

You guys probably remember this one and the struggles I kept having with it. And if not just take my word for it. As you have seen in my recent smaller works, I am putting my knitted objects into more environmental settings, with some sort of ground plane/ other form. This one was white crumpled paper, which worked out great!

Although not quite done yet, this is where I left it for the summer.  After talking to my teacher, we decided that gravity should go out the window. That being said this is the initial layout, but I flipped it horizontal and added the rope to the 'bottom' (right) and the cave area became more defined. 

So, which is better? I kinda like it this way.

I've been carrying printed pictures of these 2 in my purse and pulling them out like a proud mother does baby pictures. Don't judge me. 

And then I never showed off the super awesome ceramic yarn bowl I got at the River Fest a couple weeks ago. I wasn't wanting to use it yet (my home for the summer has HARD WOOD FLOORS) but I broke down today when I started my next quick project. I am knitted a bearded beanie as a gift for my sister's friend (Sister paying me to do it). Since I needed bulky yarn, I decided to hold together. Thus the need for the bowl arose. :)

Such a lovely shade of green :)

I'd like to apologize if any my more recent posts have been rushed/written poorly. I try to post before I go to work but sometimes I am in a hurry to get them done before running out the door. I will try better. I hope you are all enjoying your summer. 

I am ending this post with the teaser for Disney's next movie, Frozen. I have read enough about this movie to be excited, despite the GOD AWFUL trailer you are about to watch.

Anyone going to see Monster's University this weekend? I hope to, if not this week. Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Inching Along

Happy Wednseday, I can't believe it's already that time, where has the week gone?

This week I am still working on my socks, with the hopes of finishing by Friday. The foot always takes the longest, which is a bit frustrating. But at least they will both be done at the same time!

I still LOVE this pattern and am picturing mods in my head already for future use.

I FINALLY picked up my Spindle again the other night, while watching Bambi, and managed to get a decent ammount done on my Merino/silk blend roving while keeping it consistent with past batches. I guess you really never lose skills like this. I  want this done so bad, because it is so gorgeous, that I see myself working on it a lot more in the future.

And then of course there are my paintings, which are turning out spectacular as well (sorry if I seem boastful today, but I really am proud of my work!). My current one is a ball under glass, and I am going to flip this  painting over (so the ball is in the top corner) and have some ropes and such falling off it to the ground. I really do think I have found my calling with these paintings. Between my oils and these studies, I just can't see myself doing anything else for a long time.

Why I keep forgetting to use my real camera is a mystery, so for now you are stuck with a phone photo that does no justice. 

I hope everyone is having a great week. I love to hear your comments and feedback, as always. Any crits on my work is always appreciated :) If you need me I will be at the cutest coffee/book shop ever, knitting like a fool.


Don't forget Tami's Amis for all your WIP Wednesday needs.

PS : Max likes my hobbies too: He sat on my drying cardigan AND my spindle the other day. Silly kitty!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

PS: This is MY Summer

Photographic Sundays 
A chance to share an image (or images) from the week with little to no other text or blog post. 

Where I spend my days - best work place EVER

Sister making a yummy shrimp dinner!

Checkers with Rachel

And knitting at the coffee shop!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

WIP: It's Still Wednesday Somewhere, Right?

I seriously meant to post this last night, but I got really caught up in my current drawing and the next thing I knew it was bedtime!

My job is going great, classes started this week so I've been running around like crazy, but it's totally worth it. It's been so inspiring!

First thing's first, my current knitting. I am falling in love with this yarn, no wonder it was $20 on clearance! It's amazing! And the pattern, Jeck, is becoming my new favorite. Forget basic socks, if I ever want "basic" socks, it'll be this pattern. I am constantly thinking of ways to manipulate this pattern as I knit. So these will be done in like a week or so, I can tell. It's already heel time and I just started a week ago....

I started this drawing (pastel) last night, which is why I didn't blog. I got really into it. It still has a way to go. Something I have noticed about pastels is that it's harder to mix color and sometimes you are limited to what you have already. I really need to do some pushing and pulling, the ribbon in the front needs to come forward but the rope in the back needs to go back. I'm gonna think on it....

Sorry for the crappy photo! I finished this the other day as well. It's a gouache painting from a somewhat stillife (Cats kept knocking it over!) I like how it turned out but I am ready to move on. 

I've been watching Disney movies like crazy, and I think it really is helping me think about composition. My works are becoming so much more interesting and detailed. What's next? Who knows!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

PS: River Festival Weekend

Photographic Sundays -- A chance to share an image (or images) from the week with little to no other text or blog post. 

This weekend was the Smokey Hill River Festival, which is always a great excuse to listen to music (and knit!), enjoy some amazing art, and eat lots of amazing food.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, June 7, 2013

FO Friday: I've just got Pixelexia ok?

I love this movie!!

I finished my tank top the other day :P

I really like how she turned out! A bit short and tight but still love. I want to go back in time and make it a size bigger, but it's whatever. The yarn was a butt. 

Knit in the round, I did colorwork checks up the base, becoming less and less as it went. Upon completion I added a crochet border to all the holes and then a lacy crochet border on the bottom! 

So, overall I like it but it's not my favorite. I know it will still get some good wear this summer!


Sorry, it's been a long day and I'm not sure what to say....

FO Friday's with Tami's Amis

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Summer Goals

Hey all, it's Wednesday! That means it's time for a WIP Wednesday. Sadly, I don't have any WIP knit projects to show off today (yea I finished my tank, check back Friday!) BUT I decided to share my summer goals. I have quite a few of them haha.

1) Try all 25 summer flavors of shakes at Sonic. It helps that they are half price after 8! So far I have tried 6!

2) Jog/Walk a total of 50 or more miles.... I've been using Map My Run to log it and so far it's going well. There is a one mile track by my house that's really helpful.
3)Bike a total of 100 or more miles, once again Map My Run is really helpful with this goal.

**So far I have logged : a little over 12 miles on my bike; a little over 10 miles jogging**. 

4) Try one new recipe a week. Last week I tried: Pineapple Chicken Stir-fry. This week we are doing a curry-pork with corn/bean salad.  (I'll be posting the recipes on my other blog, Lisa's Tiny Kitchen)

5) Finish at least 4 of my mini gouache paintings. So far I have 1 half way done... I've been kinda lazy...and busy! And then do a bunch of pastel/colored pencil sketches also.
6) Watch all 52 Disney Theatrical Animated movies, IN ORDER. We watched Snow White last night. I am dead serious I want to do this so bad.

7) Finish writing up and editing my tank pattern, find some test knitters and work on re-fining so that I can submit it to Knitty or somewhere similar. 

Wow, that's a lot of goals. But I think I can do it. If work doesn't keep me busy. I haven't had as much free time as I'd like, but it's been worth it.


Tami's Amis has WIP's if you are interested. :P

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photographic Sunday : Busy Busy Week!

Man I'm always distracted! Sorry this is late (for anyone who actually wanted to join...).

Photographic Sundays -- A chance to share an image (or images) from the week with little to no other text or blog post. 

Clockwise from bottom right:
Spent the week cooking new recipes (Pineapple chicken!) and bbq-ing it up (sweet potatoes are amazing!). Also explored downtown Salina, where I found alleys with cute animal graffiti. And finally, prepped for (thanks Sasha!) and attended the cutest wedding ever!
Have a good week!