Saturday, June 22, 2013

Better Late Than Never

This week flew by for me, I hope it did for you too.  In fact, this whole month of June is going really fast. Why does summer always seem to do that?

Today's post is dedicated to all the things I have meant to post but for some reason or another haven't done so.

I finished my socks last night, too late to make it a FO Friday, so I figured I'd share them today.

The yarn is Prism Saki and the pattern is Jeck. In the end, the project was the perfect knit for this yarn. The slipped stitches add to the gradations in the yarn and make for an interesting look. I had some issues with the toe on one of them, but that was simply because I had been doing them 2 at a time and couldn't get my needles adjusted properly to graft.  This pattern was written a bit oddly, but it was always originally German, so I am ok with that. I know in the future there will be more pairs in this pattern, maybe even with some mods.  :)

After my Wednesday post I realized that I never really showed off my paintings from the end of the spring semester. Silly me! Why didn't I think to post them??

You guys probably remember this one and the struggles I kept having with it. And if not just take my word for it. As you have seen in my recent smaller works, I am putting my knitted objects into more environmental settings, with some sort of ground plane/ other form. This one was white crumpled paper, which worked out great!

Although not quite done yet, this is where I left it for the summer.  After talking to my teacher, we decided that gravity should go out the window. That being said this is the initial layout, but I flipped it horizontal and added the rope to the 'bottom' (right) and the cave area became more defined. 

So, which is better? I kinda like it this way.

I've been carrying printed pictures of these 2 in my purse and pulling them out like a proud mother does baby pictures. Don't judge me. 

And then I never showed off the super awesome ceramic yarn bowl I got at the River Fest a couple weeks ago. I wasn't wanting to use it yet (my home for the summer has HARD WOOD FLOORS) but I broke down today when I started my next quick project. I am knitted a bearded beanie as a gift for my sister's friend (Sister paying me to do it). Since I needed bulky yarn, I decided to hold together. Thus the need for the bowl arose. :)

Such a lovely shade of green :)

I'd like to apologize if any my more recent posts have been rushed/written poorly. I try to post before I go to work but sometimes I am in a hurry to get them done before running out the door. I will try better. I hope you are all enjoying your summer. 

I am ending this post with the teaser for Disney's next movie, Frozen. I have read enough about this movie to be excited, despite the GOD AWFUL trailer you are about to watch.

Anyone going to see Monster's University this weekend? I hope to, if not this week. Happy Saturday!



  1. Ohh I love your painting!!I quite like it the way you had originally intended, but only because I tilt my head to stand it up the other way :)

    Your socks look awesome - hadn't heard of Frozen, but Monsters University is one I will have to take the kids to!

  2. I haven't gotten to hear much about your yarn bowl until now, it is so pretty! I wouldn't have been able to avoid it either. The socks look like they are so much fun to knit, I'm going to have to knit a pair too.

  3. Oh man, that kitten in the last photo is totally Darwin-like in behavior.

    I love that second painting especially! Must be all the blue/green. :) I like it on its side, it's an interesting twist!

  4. I am so glad you posted your paintings. They are just beautiful -- and very thought-provoking. Original, too. I think you are onto something!


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