Thursday, June 13, 2013

WIP: It's Still Wednesday Somewhere, Right?

I seriously meant to post this last night, but I got really caught up in my current drawing and the next thing I knew it was bedtime!

My job is going great, classes started this week so I've been running around like crazy, but it's totally worth it. It's been so inspiring!

First thing's first, my current knitting. I am falling in love with this yarn, no wonder it was $20 on clearance! It's amazing! And the pattern, Jeck, is becoming my new favorite. Forget basic socks, if I ever want "basic" socks, it'll be this pattern. I am constantly thinking of ways to manipulate this pattern as I knit. So these will be done in like a week or so, I can tell. It's already heel time and I just started a week ago....

I started this drawing (pastel) last night, which is why I didn't blog. I got really into it. It still has a way to go. Something I have noticed about pastels is that it's harder to mix color and sometimes you are limited to what you have already. I really need to do some pushing and pulling, the ribbon in the front needs to come forward but the rope in the back needs to go back. I'm gonna think on it....

Sorry for the crappy photo! I finished this the other day as well. It's a gouache painting from a somewhat stillife (Cats kept knocking it over!) I like how it turned out but I am ready to move on. 

I've been watching Disney movies like crazy, and I think it really is helping me think about composition. My works are becoming so much more interesting and detailed. What's next? Who knows!



  1. The kitties only want to help make art! I can see why you like those socks, especially since the yarn goes so well with them.

  2. Those socks do look great! And I love your artwork.


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