Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photographic Sunday : Busy Busy Week!

Man I'm always distracted! Sorry this is late (for anyone who actually wanted to join...).

Photographic Sundays -- A chance to share an image (or images) from the week with little to no other text or blog post. 

Clockwise from bottom right:
Spent the week cooking new recipes (Pineapple chicken!) and bbq-ing it up (sweet potatoes are amazing!). Also explored downtown Salina, where I found alleys with cute animal graffiti. And finally, prepped for (thanks Sasha!) and attended the cutest wedding ever!
Have a good week!



  1. Hi Lisa! I'm not always good at following through (sigh) But this looks like fun and I'd love to join in!

  2. Oh man those recipes look super yummy! Your family is lucky to have you around to cook for them. Also the graffiti is awesome, I wouldn't expect it in Salina.


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