Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Artsy Fartsy

Good morning fellow knitters! I hope you are all having a great Wednesday. I wanted to get in a quickie WIP Wednesday post before heading off to work. 

I have been diligently knitting away on my tank top, now titled "Pixlexia" (after one of my favorite characters- Venelope - from Wreck-it Ralph). I am so glad the color work sections are done, they were a pain to knit! I am still a bit worried about sizing, since the color work parts are tending to pull in a bit. Hopefully once I put it on that will be fixed. I am about an inch away from dividing for front and back and then the rest should fly by. I really want this done by next week: A new pair of socks is calling my name!  

Also, I am considering submitting this somewhere or self publishing. I know that if I do so I can't have photos online (I'd delete them). Any suggestions? Should I ???

I spent last Saturday afternoon sitting in a field at a park a block from my house working on this watercolor painting. I did it ALL from life, which explains why I am so darn proud of it. When I set out to paint this scene I didn't imagine it would turn out this good, in fact I expected it to be a flop.  Why did I paint the gazebo? My friend Jessica is getting married here this coming Saturday, and I woke up last Saturday with an idea to paint them a picture of their wedding spot as my gift. I plan to write "Where two hearts became one" at the top once I mat it. 

And I finally started a summer painting for myself. I had an amazing critique and discussion with my painting professor that gave me a lot of ideas for future works. Since I can't do oils at home this summer, I decided to get some gouache and do some smaller "study" paintings. I didn't think I'd like painting with gouache but it turns out I LOVE IT. This was just an hour so far, but I can't wait to get off work at 5 tonight and paint some more!

And that my friends, is why I am feeling "Artsy Fartsy" today :P I hope the rest of the week flies by and that I am able to enjoy every minute of it. Happy Wednesday!


And for more WIP's -- Tami's Amis!
Max waiting for the mice to come out and play! (My camera has had some focus issues lately...)


  1. Pixlexia is beautiful! Fingered crossed that it fits perfect:)
    Yes, submit your picture. It's lovely:)

  2. Lisa, that is seriously the most thoughtful and fantastic wedding present I've ever heard of! How gorgeous. :)

    As for submitting the pattern, if you like it enough to have it test knit and work out sizing and everything, then go for it! Sometimes I find something might be my own design but not 'worth' writing up and going through the whole process for. It's a personal choice!

  3. I still cannot believe you finished that painting so quickly! Your friend is going to treasure it forever! I think that a little bit of blocking will fix any pulling in the colorwork, it is going to be such an awesome (and artsy) top!

  4. Lovely projects!! And the photo of Max y gorgeous.

    Here's my WIP:

  5. What a beautiful watercolor! painting from life is so wonderful & difficult. Good for you for sticking to it & finishing in one sitting!


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