Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Finally Summer!

Well, summer break is officially here, and my job has officially started. I've been typing up supply lists and organizing class lists all week and loving every minute of it.

Another great thing about summer is that I can put myself on a more regular knitting schedule! I am actually getting stuff done enough to blog about it :) Which is exciting because I really missed blogging on a regular basis.

My pink and blue colorwork tank top is coming along great! I have a very interesting pattern planned for this one and I am so excited! I wish colorwork wasn't so slow to knit though. Thank god I'm doing it in the round or it would take even longer! I still want this to be done by the end of June! That's a hefty goal, but it's really my only large project right now.

Scrap yarn headbands are still being made also, as a nice break from the colorwork. This one is scrap yarn wool from Scotland. I think I am going to felt it - my first attempt at felting - because if it gets messed up I don't lose anything. 

Although I haven't spun yarn in forever, I am about to have an adventure in spinning. My aunt found a lady through her guild that wanted to get rid of her llama fleece for FREE. So now I have 2 whole bags of uncleaned, unprocessed llama fleece and absolutely no idea what to do with it. I called the dry cleaners (as my aunt suggested) and they didn't know either. Anybody out there have a suggestion??

Finally, I decided to buy myself a "going away for summer" gift at Wildflower before I left town and ended up with this. I had been eyeing this skein of sock yarn for awhile but never could afford it. Well she had it in her clearance rack and that was too hard not to pass on so I broke down. After the tank is done this will likely become a lovely pair of socks!

I hope all of my blog-land friends are having a great week! I can't wait until I can really engross myself in my summer! :)


Oh and don't forget Tami's Amis for other WIP Wednesdays!!
And my awesome kitty Sasha, who I get to see now that I am home!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love the colors you're using for your tank top.

  2. I don't think the dry cleaning process would work on fleece, it's a chemical treatment of some sort and I think it would probably damage raw fiber.

    Do you have any local small spinning mills? They could probably process the fleece for you. This is apparently the only mill in Kansas: Sometimes there is a limit to how small a batch they can work with but I'd say it's worth inquiring! At the very least they could probably give you some tips for working with llama.

    1. Yea, I was just going off what my aunt said, but I agree it needs to go to a mill. I'll have to call them later.

  3. Nice Wildflower yarn. I bet that will make a nice pair of socks. Enjoy your summer!

  4. Oh that is the treat yarn? Love it, absolutely love it. I can hardly believe it was on clearance, but good for you!

  5. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who finds colorwork to be slow! I'm glad that you are having a summer break. You earned it!


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