Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knitting Update

I meant to update yesterday for WIP Wednesday, but time just kind of escaped me. So I am updating today instead, seeing as I feel like I haven't talked about my knitting in a pretty long time.

 First up on my list is Salacia, which is knitting up very very fast. Which is a good thing because I want it done by June 1st. 1 month left! I finished the left front panel last night, leaving only the sleeves. I am still worried about seaming and blocking, but I'll cross that bridge soon enough and I know I will make it over alive.
Photo does no justice :( 

I had an idea a couple weeks ago for my scrap yarns. I have been meaning to think of knew ways to pull my hair back at studio and have seen a few people with buns and bandannas/wraps. So I thought, why not knit my own? If I can ever figure out how to actually put my hair into a messy top bun (that's a whole other story) then these will be great to keep hair out of my face!
The first one is using some left over rainbow Mini Mochi I have from this month's knit club (See below). And to make my life easier, I am doing the same diagonals as my Salacia. Obviously Salacia is taking priority, but hopefully this summer I can knock some more scrap headbands out. 

I love rainbows!

April's Knitting Monthly project was a stranded colorwork headband. I fell in love and knew I needed to make one! Plus I will always take advice on colorwork- it's something I want to get better at. The initial project was just vertical bars, but I mixed mine up a bit! I also found out, thanks to Kennita, that I have been throwing the opposite direction as most people in my knitting. Does that mean I'm going to switch? Of course not! haha.  The way I decided to work this was by holding both yarns in one hand and just going through the one I needed at the time. It seemed to work. Oh and don't forget to keep the 'dominant' color on the bottom!

Finally, I wanted to ask opinions. I have a huge stack of these matted spindle drawings from the craft shows I did last year that I never sold. I need to clear out some stuff and am considering selling them. I thought about just posting on Facebook, but I don't know if people would understand the process behind them or just see them as abstract art (or does that matter?) or maybe Etsy where maybe people would get it? What would you guys recommend?? Also, what price range should I even consider? Or is it worth it at all..

It's May 2nd here in KS and yet the forecast is calling for snow. Silly Kansas, its supposed to be spring!



  1. I think it's always worth it to try, you never know what people would want to buy. I think you'd have a better chance on Etsy than facebook, and you can always post about your Etsy shop on facebook.

  2. I did not picture the headbands looking like that, WOW! You must sell them, they will go fast.


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