Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Down...

One to go!

I have been waiting all week to share the fruits of my labor, but between a friend borrowing my memory card, and a closing reception I wanted photos from I just couldn't do it until today. But I think it was worth waiting for :)

I am pretty sure I shared my concept with you all before (here and here), but I will do a quick recap. I haven't been doing the knitting with ink anymore first off. But anyway, my general concept was "marking time". Although this primarily involved body movements, I also did it in other ways as well. If you want to know my entire idea, here is the link to my artist statement.

Body movements?? How do you mark time with body movements? Well you make a box and strap it to your leg of course! Yea, that's what I did. I made a box for each leg and put a piece of charcoal inside, then strapped it to my ankle. I wore the box for a whole day, creating a drawing that marks my entire day. When I first started this experiment I figured I would lay the boxes flat for display, but the farther in I got, the more I (and my teachers) liked them as is. So I got some shelves and hung them on those. 

The effect is amazing!

So then there was the idea of a video. One of my teachers said that the boxes couldn't stand alone so why not add a video element? It took a bit of planning, but with the help of the very awesome GoPro sport camera, I was able to get footage of the charcoal movements. There were a few technical difficulties with the TV screen at first, but in the end it worked and turned out amazing. 55 minutes of continuous mark making, set on a loop with the clicking sound in the background. Pretty awesome.

I was told my set up was the best of all those in this show. 
Wishing I had this set up when the entries for a show about movement had been due a month ago....

To play more with the marking time idea I wanted to share some other works I have done, because I didn't want to be remembered as "the box girl"...although sounds like I am anyways... so I took the extra space I was given and hung up some other works that had a similar theme.

 On the far right I decided to return to the tree drawings I had been doing at this time last year. Except I decided not to put my own marks into these, as that strayed away from my general idea. Instead, I set up a piece of paper at the same tree, same branch and same time each day for a week. The result showed the difference in wind patterns. I only was able to fit 3 in, but I have a total of 5.

And then there are the old reliable spindle drawings that started it all with my fascination in mark making.  In fact, the ones I put up ARE those drawings, I haven't really been doing them too much lately and the first ones are the best ones. 

People seemed to really like these too!

Last Sunday when we set up it was so surreal to have my work in a public gallery. And even though it's been taken down now in preparation for the next show, I still will forever be happy with the results and response I got.

My closing reception was last night and had an amazing turn out! It was such a great excuse to dress up fancy too! I got many many compliments on my art and my outfit :)

My professors, a former co-worker from home, my High School art teacher(!!), many many friends and even the owner of my LYS plus a fellow knit nighter! I felt so loved. :) Oh and my family of course!!

Come December I will be doing this again with my paintings, which are completely different than my drawings. I wish I could figure out which I really liked more. Grad school decisions are coming up very very soon. 


Oh and once I get it uploaded, I will share my video project also. Not that I expect you to stare at it for 50 minutes!


  1. Congrats on a great show, Lisa! Very cool to see the video up there, too.

  2. Congratulations! What a fabulous show. You are going places!

  3. Congratulations! We'll all be saying we knew you when:)

  4. Okay, I'm finally getting around to commenting, please forgive me! Firstly, I've been wanting to say that the dress looks fantastic on you, love it! It is so wonderful seeing your name on a gallery, it will not be the last time I'm sure. The show looked so professional and perfect, bravo.


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