Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fighting Ever Fighting

You guys have heard me talk about it a lot already, but I really need to share with you my day yesterday.  It was my 3rd time serving on the Luminaria Committee at the Relay for Life of Kansas State, and my 5th Relay for Life overall.

For the first time since I have been doing it, there was not a chance for rain, which was nice. However, it was very windy and bitterly cold out pretty much all night. I would have given a few raindrops for some warmer weather.

My primary job on committee (along with my friend Kenny, although I seemed to do a lot of the work) is the Luminaria Ceremony. For those who don't know (did I mention on here before?) that involves the sale and decoration of bags for those who have won or lost the battle to Cancer. As an event at Relay, we line the track with these bags then do a huge ceremony where we light them with lights (usually LEDs) and then have a speech and silent lap in honor and remembrance  Something else we usually do is spell out "HOPE" in the bleachers, than change it to "CURE" during the ceremony.

Besides Luminaria, I am also a Team Captain with my group of friends. Although many of us do no personally fund raise, being college kids and all, we still do lots of group fundraisers and have a good time! This year (drumroll please...) we hit over $1600!!! (about 550 was my personal fundraising). That's the highest my friend group has ever hit and I am so proud of all of them for being an amazing group to share the experience with!

and... I'm already planning next year's ceremony! 

(Oh and the title is reference to the theme, which was KSU's birthday. Fighter ever fighting is part of the fight song).


  1. How great that you're involved with this! It looks like you did a wonderful job.

  2. Heehee, you were right, it was a great group photo : )


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