Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Evening Book Review: Out of the Ordinary

Well, I feel like I have been so busy getting my show together that I have neglected my poor blog. But never fear, I have plans for my next few posts so hopefully I will update more.

Tonight I am doing my usual book reviews :) I hope you enjoy my perspectives.

Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel
-The concept. Someone was bound to do it eventually.
-Most of the patterns look relatively easy
-You don't even have to be a HP Fan to make these, colors are always interchangable
-It's just cute. The titles and such are very HP-esque and it's just a magical fun book

-Some of the patterns are ugly. Even as an HP fan I can't see myself making Molly's Amazing ever.
-Even though it seems that you can size for anyone, many of the photos show kids as models

Favorite Patterns:

Overall if you are a Harry Potter Fan, then you need this book. It is loaded with fun and magical knits for all ages and fans. I think it's a great idea and am glad someone decided to do it.

Pet Projects by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne
-As always, the idea. It's a cute idea.
-The practical patterns are very fun looking and creative
-There's a section in the back to "knit your own pet!"

-Some photos are kinda awkward
-Some ideas are just the turtle tent or the bunny curtain, but then again, I have never owned these animals as pets, so maybe they do come in handy?
-I wish the animal sweaters were a bit cuter :(
-The colorwork charts are in the back of the book, so you'd have to flip back and forth between pattern and chart.

Favorite Patterns:
-Make your own guinea pig -- really cute!
-Hamster House

Overall the idea is there but I am just a bit on the fence. Many of the patterns are kinda ugly and unappealing  but I don't really think you should force your pet to wear a sweater anyways. 

So things here are going alright. I set up my BFA drawing show tomorrow and I am busy getting last minute things done. Like converting my video. Who knew that Quicktime video couldn't be burned to a DVD?!?! 

It's going to be a long night and day tomorrow...




  1. Yeah, that Molly sweater is something else! Love all the kitty pics on this post.

  2. Great reviews. I'm a Harry Potter fan, so I especially enjoyed your review of Charmed Knits. I totally agree with you about Molly's Amazing Sweater! ;-) Jessica

  3. I always enjoy your book reviews. Molly's Amazing Sweater certainly is amazing, but not in a good way!

  4. I bought the HP book a while ago, more for the concept of it. So glad that you did a review on it, as I have yet to glance through. Are you sure you don't want to knit the Molly sweater? :)


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