Monday, April 8, 2013

This is Me!

Ivy (Pumpkin Spins), tagged me today in one of those "5 things about you" memes, and since we are such good friends I have decided to play along!

1) Although I love the education I am getting and wouldn't change any of what I have learned the last 4 years, sometimes I wish I had done my research more and went to a better "art school". At the time I picked KSU because it's close to home and I have family there, but sometimes I wonder where I'd be if I had found a more 'prestigious' program.

2) Contrary to recent posts, I love baking, especially cookies and sweets. I just give them to my friends and only eat one (or 2, or 3, or many) myself.

3) I am not an Ed major but I have spent the last 4 years working in the school system for my part time job. As a KSU Academic Mentor, I have been assigned to a preschool where I work with the teachers and students. I don't ever want to be completely in charge of a group of kids, but I still get a lot of fulfillment from what I am able to do with them and the smiles on their faces when I walk in the door.

4) One of my life goals is to own every movie in the "Disney Theatrical Animated Features" canon, either on DVD, Blu ray , or whatever 'disk' media comes about ( I want a HARD COPY, not a digital). I am a little over half way there!!!!

5) I get along much better with my (now) 14 year old sister now than I did when I lived at home; and I knew this would happen, She is finally at that age that we would get along and yet we don't live together. :(

I am tagging:
Alicia (Woolen Diversions)
Karen (Nothing but Knit)
Sarah (Sezza Knits)

Don't feel obligated to do it though :)

I hope the week is starting out great for you, it is for me, although it's about to get crazy.

4 days until Relay!



  1. I have no idea what is going on in the cat picture... It doesn't look good though. I love that you are trying to collect all of the Disney movies, it is good that you've narrowed it down to just that type of movie otherwise you would have a room full of movies!

  2. Thanks for tagging me, I need a blog post, so I'll join in! My sister and I never got on when we lived together, especially as teens, but she is one of my closest friends now, as soon as we had space from each other!

  3. Very reassuring to hear from both you and Sezza about the sister thing - my eldest girls bicker a lot - I'm just crossing my fingers that it'll work out in the wash...
    As far as your art course goes - can you do a masters somewhere fancy?

    1. Yep, me and my sister are practically best friends now :) And yes, that is the plan - to get a masters at a great school. Masters is what matters the most when it comes to what looks good anyways.

  4. I bet you can get a masters at a super prestigious school.
    Thanks for tagging me:) I'll get to it on Thursday:)


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