Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Palaces and Pubs

Hey all! Let me start by saying that anyone following my facebook or photobucket (Linky) for photos, sorry I haven't updated those. The internet here is really slow so it's hard to upload a lot at once.

Anyways, I am going to start where I left off. Last night we went to an actual pub. Our teacher took us, but either way at least we went. There were people there doing improv folk music, and it was a really nice atmosphere. For dinner I tried a meat pie with chips and mushy peas. I never thought I'd like the pie or the peas, but I actually loved them both. I also tried a cider (apple and beer) and I really enjoyed that too, even though I didn't finish it all.

Today we visited the Holyrood house and the Queen's Gallery. The house/palace was spectacular. It was so ornate and beautiful, yet also so historic. We couldn't take pictures there, but I still enjoyed the experience, and maybe I'll go back since I can get in for free.

The Queen's Gallery was amazing too. Right now they have an exhibit of Northern Renaissance art, and I still can't believe I'm actually getting to see 'famous' people! They had some Durer's and also some Holbien, and just a bunch of spectacular pieces.

After lunch we hit up a local gallery, which had a show on Narcissus, which was very interesting. They had a famous Dali painting, as well as some rather interesting images and also this large installation of metal balls, to represent the way we are obsessed with ourselves. Overall, I found it rather disturbing and interesting at the same time.
Our teacher then decided we needed to sit down and discuss our sketchbooks one on one. When he got to me he said he liked where I was going, but would love to see some more creativity. As in don't just draw what you see, draw influence from what you see to create new compositions. One of the other girls is really good with that, so I need to figure out how she does it and steal some :) I just know that for me I have never been able to draw things off the top of my head, I always need to have the image/objects/scenery in front of me, and that's what makes this hard. If anyone has any ideas for where to get good inspiration, let me know, because I need it!

Anyways, tomorrow we are off to Stirling castle, where I'll probably draw more architecture. Maybe something will come to me on the hr long bus ride.

Peace out!


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