Monday, June 27, 2011

Uneventful art day

Ok so before I begin, let me just say today would have been so much more enjoyable if I didn't wake up sick. I know that eating a certain food can't fully make you sick, but I still think the Indian take away I had last night, while amazing!, made me sick; shortly after eating it, with the flavor still in my mouth, I felt my throat starting to hurt. And then this morning I woke up completely sick. Too bad too, because i'm starting to love Indian food.

Anyways, we went to the Scotland National Modern Art Museum today. I'm kind of frustrated with my teacher, for the sole fact that the Scotland National Art Gallery is also in Edinburgh, and has tons of famous works, but we AREN'T going there as a group. I guess I should have read the schedule better. I want to go, and he said we could go on our own BUT it's only open M-Thurs and we're going to be on a Highlands trip all week starting tomorrow, so basically I missed my chance to go. Ugh. I don't get how you can go on an ART trip and NOT go to that as part of the class. Really.

At the modern art museum I did see some famous works by Picasso, Derain, Dali, Etc as well as some interesting ones that I had never heard of. I really did like them all, I just would have more if I wasn't feeling like crap.

So basically after that we took the bus back to our general location, the girls went downtown and I went shopping for juice and meds. Now I'm here, drugged up and waiting on my computer to load Tangled so I can potentially sleep. We're going on a ghost tour tonight, but I'm going to stay in and get better for our long trip tomorrow; plus I don't really want to have nightmares anyways.

I'm leaving you with this picture of my latest, and greatest, sketch:


PS- Anyone notice I tinkered with the layout? I liked the color of the old one but I like my banner alot on this one :)

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