Thursday, June 16, 2011

Greetings from Glasgow

So the last two days we've been in Glasgow, mainly because the art school there has their graduation show this week and it gets a lot of people every year, which means it has to be good.

I'll start where I left off. We took the bus to Glasgow yesterday morning, but it took some time because we had to get our passes payed for and processed. We finally got there around 1, and it was pretty nice. I prefer Edinburgh, it has an older feel; Glasgow reminds me of home more. The walk to the bed and breakfast we are staying at was brutal, only because I had 2 bags and it was long and a hill. We checked in and 3 of the girls decided to nap, but me and Angelica decided to explore. We ended up eating at a Tandori Indian place and I really enjoyed it-- I never thought I would actually. After that we did a bit of shopping, I got a super cute dress :) and also peaked in a gallery. They had this video playing that goes 24 hours and has different movie clips depending on the time of day, and the clips relate to the time it is at that time. It was pretty sweet.

We then met back up as a group and took a tour of the Glasgow Art School, mainly the Mackintosh building. Turns out this Mackintosh fellow is a genius architect, I loved his styles. It was very interesting to hear and learn all about the history. We also got to see part of the grad show-- the graphics designs and product design. We also tried to find a good place to eat and get drinks, but we ended up at a little bbq place. It was pretty good, but not amazing. I don't feel like I've yet to experience anything truly Scotish when it comes to food, but whatever.

Today we started with the tradition Irish breakfast at our hotel, and then went to the Kilengrove art museum in Scotland. They had a lot of famous artists, such as Van gogh, Monet, Titian, Cezanne, etc etc. After that me, Erin and Angelica went to another local museum, that was also very interesting. We followed that up by going and looking at the fine arts grad show. It really opened my eyes to where I should/would like to be in 2 years. I'll never be that good, that's for sure. But still, the students were amazing. If I had had more time, I would have loved to have talked to some of them.

We came back and then got together in our group to go to a bar/restaurant for dinner. Here I experience my first 'legal' drink, a "tutti-fruitty" cocktail (Well ok it was a pitcher we all shared so I had almost no say in what the drink was) but it was ok. I had maybe one and a half glasses at the most. After that, I know that I will never be an alcoholic, it was decent but not something I would do all the time.

We walked back, I found a phone to call my parentals, and now I'm here :) It's been an interesting week, and it's only beginning. I can't wait to see whats in store for next week, or even this weekend if we can actually make plans for once.

Signing off.


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  1. If you want to experience real Scottish food, be on the lookout for haggis--and you probably don't want to know what's in it!

    Rick says it sounds like you found the Hickory Hut of Glasgow!


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