Monday, June 20, 2011

Mysteries Revealed

This just in: the mysteries surrounds Rosslyn Chapel have been solved!

Ok so not really. But we did go there today. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, it's the chapel featured in the Da Vinci Code, even though the movie is very way off from what it really is (I've never seen the movie).

Our morning started with the bus ride to Rosslyn Chapel, and then when we got there it was very amazing. The whole thing is be refurbished, which is great, but there was cones and scaffolding everywhere. Either way, the outside could not compare to the inside. The inside is loaded with buttresses and pillars and walls all covered in carvings. We couldn't take any photos, but I have a few sketches I can show. We sat inside and listened to a guide explain the history and mysteries surrounding the castles, including what is locked below that only the St. Clair family has access to. But anyways, the chapel was really inspiring for me and my drawings, I can't wait to do more architecture drawings.

After we explored that, we explored the surrounding areas, which included a grave yard and a path leading to some old brick castle ruins. The views were amazing! And the bricks and remains were really fun to look and and explore.

We went into Roslin to grab lunch at a local coffee shop, and the lemon drizzle cake was to die for! So was my sandwich :). The bus showed up shortly after, and upon reaching Edinburgh, me, Erin, and Angelica explored Princes St. a bit, hitting up Jenners and H&M, where I got a couple more cute clothes. I love the European fashions, I wish we had more of them in America.

Tonight's plans include our Professor, Kevin, taking us to a local pub that plays music and we're going to get food and drinks and just have fun. Maybe I'll get some sketching in too!


(sorry the photos are cruddy!)

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  1. Love the sketches, especially the arch in the first drawing. And how was the pub?


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