Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sand and Castles...yet 2 different places.

Ok so I didn't update yesterday, because I was tired, so I'm updating now with info about yesterday and today, which was by far one of the most amazing days of my trip, maybe even life.

Yesterday we went to Stirling to go to Stirling Castle. It was pretty interesting, the atmosphere was completely different than at Edinburgh Castle. The insides were refurbished but to me that ruined the whole old style feeling. However, the tour guide was amazing, he knew everything and had alot of funny stories. The best part, by far though, was the view from the top of the castle and hill. The fog added a nice touch also. Overall, it was another memorable, and art inspiring adventure. They had these wooden discs carved with heads of famous kings/gods, and they inspired me to sketch a few of my own, which I will post eventually.

After the castle, we headed back to Edinburgh, where we just chilled at our apartment all night because we were all tired.

So today....


Ok sort of, but it was still beyond amazing.

This morning we boarded the bus, en route to St. Andrews. I assumed yet another castle, little did I know what the day had in store.

We did go the the remains of the St. Andrew's castle, and it was beautiful to look out from it over to the sea shore on the other side. The ruins themselves were amazing too, with a lot of mystery as to what they were once used for and all that.

But even that couldn't compare to what was next. After eating the best take-away fish and chips ever, we went to the cathedral museum and cemetary. They had this tower, and you could climb to the top. Maybe this is best described with images.

So we climbed the inside of this tower, probably hundreds of evil spiral stairs that I do not want to ever do again. But it was worth it for this:

And this:

And this:

The view was amazing! You could see for miles. I, having never been to the coast, was in pure awe and everything. It was so beautiful, tranquil, and just amazing. I don't think I've ever seen anything this pretty in my entire life.

Or so I thought. We went to the beach after, and it was just as amazing. We climbed on some rocks, which were covered in seaweeds, explored the beach, collected shells, and tried to escape the impending storm we could see in the distance. I wish I could explain it more, but it's really hard so just take my word for it.

Storm's a coming!

Ok so after the beach and our escape from the storm, we wondered back to the bus station and got back on a bus to Edinburgh. This Scotish guy started talking to us about KS and then our bus had to stop for maintience, so we got back a little late. We ordered the best chinese take out I've ever had. And now we're in the kitchen talking about the weekend. I'll update soon :)



  1. I've been missing your blog entries--I just checked to find that I didn't read the last two! I've been to Stirling, when I attended a conference for a week at the university. I also thought it was a really beautiful place. The pictures are fantastic--love the views from the tower!


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