Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 1: New Jersey???

Day one of my 'amazing' trip is not so amazing.

Let me start at the beginning.

We all met up at KCI yesterday at 3:30, for a flight that was supposed to take off at 5:20. Upon check-in, the lady says that that flight is cancelled, due to back up from weather in Newark, but we have been put on a flight at 7:12. My professor, Kevin, asked her a couple times to make sure that we would not miss our flight to Edinburgh from Newark, and she assured him we would not because it was backed up also, to 11:40.
So we decided to wait it out at KCI, and when the time finally came to get on the plane, it was a very interesting experience. For me, never had been on a flight, I found it very different. I had a window seat, but it was also in the very back row by the engine, so I think that messed up my head a little and my ears were really popped.
Upon arrival in Newark, we checked the flights and weren't sure if we actually made it on time. We practically ran to our terminal, well besides the super slow shuttle between terminals, but we weren't in time. Our flight to Scotland had actually left before our flight had landed! And the lady at the terminal was a total bitch, saying she wasn't even sure if customer service was open.
Well turns out customer service was just closing when we got there, and the people there were not happy we showed up. Who the heck closes customer service when there are constantly flights in and out?!?! Well anyways, Kevin did a lot of arguing, if you want to know more I'll fill you in later, but basically they didn't want to give us a motel, but they did, and they didn't want to give us another flight, because it was 'our fault' but they did.
So I'm sitting at the motel lobby, waiting for the air port shuttle, updating my blog. We plan to fly out at 10 tonight, on an overbooked flight none the less, and hopefully this time we'll actually make it!
I'll keep people posted as this adventure continues, hopefully from Scotland next time.



  1. Well, your first experience flying and this is about as bad as it gets. The good news is that it can only get better! (On the ear thing: It helps to take a decongestant to keep your head clear--like sudafed--and pop your ears like crazy when they start to close on landing. Hold your nose and blow.) I hope you find yourselves in Edinburgh tomorrow!

  2. "Sit close to the engine to survive the crash." Just a few words of wisdom from the play/movie Steel Magnolias (I'm working on it at Okoboji right now). Flying isn't that bad... I don't think. And about customer service: I know that at least in KCI, there aren't many flights that are supposed to come in or go out past 2 am. They kinda shut down the airport to clean and things and then open up again at 5 am. Still, glad they finally gave you a place to stay! Have fun :D


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