Friday, July 1, 2011

Galleries and Graveyards

So good news, the Hostel found my card, I'll have it back tomorrow. Bad news, my camera is still not really working, so looks like I need a new one. Wish I wasn't so damn clumsy.

Anyways, today we planned to go to the Scotland National Gallery (About time!) this morning, but on the way we came across a parade down High Street celebrating the opening of parliment today, so we watched that first then headed to the gallery. I have never seen so many bagpipes in one place.

At the gallery, I explored, and I really enjoyed it. I saw a few pieces we actually studied in Art History, which is always nice. I always see artists from that class, but this was the first time I ever saw the actual works from that class. I really am glad that he decided to take us there.

We hit up lunch, and then the art supply store, and then separated. I was going to go do some sketching at Greyfrier Graveyard, but on the way I passed a knitware shop, so naturally I had to go in. And....I walked out with this: Cute overlay vest. Don't go freaking out, I didn't buy both of those, just to overlay vest, because it was one of the cheaper items and super cute on me. The one I got was purple with orange accents. I seriously think if I can match it right, I'll where it a lot. The guy that was working there was also very nice, we talked a bunch about Scotland and knitting and etc. I really hope that I made a good investment, even though I still want an actual wool sweater too.

After that I did finally hit up the graveyard, where I stayed for about an hour and half just drawing perspective thumbnails of tombstones. I probably could have done more, but I wasn't feeling it like I hoped, and the perspective stuff was harder than I thought it would be. When I get back I think I'll do some oil paintings of graveyards and castles, because I love drawing perspective, but I haven't ever tried painting it and I want to do more from this trip then just my sketchbook.

So we just ordered dinner, I'm getting Lamb Donor Kabobs, something I haven't tried yet, so this could be good. I think the plan for tonight is to stay in, so maybe I'll sketch some more or something.

I really need to hit royal mile tomorrow for last minute gifts and goods for me, so I hope I have time to do so. It's also Angelica's birthday so we're doing something for that, but I hope it isn't all day- I really want to shop, but I'd rather go alone. I guess there is always Sunday though.

Packing is gonna be hell, but I can't believe I'm down to 2 and a half days!


PS: I feel like a blog shouldn't be so straight forward, as in I get to 'ranty' and put in stuff people don't need to know. Sorry, I'm still new to this and I don't know how to make it sound like a cute novel yet.

Edited to remove some of my ranting about the sweater thing.


  1. What pictures did you see at the National Gallery (Rick wants to know)!?

    I think you should get that wool sweater you want so badly! You'll love it in winter. Cute vest, by the way.

  2. We saw a bunch of durers, john signer sargent- lady agnew of lochnaw, Gauguin's the vision after the serman (I actually heard of that one!), a rembrant I think I'd heard of, and a bunch of famous stuff. I got a companion book if you want more specifics I'll tell you :)

  3. Rick says those are all great paintings!


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