Saturday, July 2, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today was Angelica's 21st birthday, what a great place to celebrate in!

We started off by going to the writer's museum, where I saw some stuff on Hume, which made me think of my Aunt, who studies him. I read a little of it....I'll probably learn more in Philo of Art next semester.

We then hit up lunch at a Grassmarket Italian place, where I had very amazing lasagna. And a strawberry tart! Yum!

Since it was Angelica's birthday, she got to make our plans, and chose shopping at the King James Mall. I would have picked somewhere else, but I'm gonna go alone tomorrow so no big deal. I did walk out with another cute top and a pair of shoes...that may be too big actually, but I'll grow into them. Either way we enjoyed ourselves.

There's a take away pizza place near our flats, so we got pizza's for dinner before coming back and just chilling.

Since it was her 21st we ended up going to a pub across the street (We've known about it all this time and this is the first time we went, and it was awesome) to get drinks. I had a pineapple daquari, which was really good. Then we came home and played telephone pictionary. So anyways, that was my Saturday. I so don't want to start packing, I have such a mess here.


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  1. Great that you read some things about David Hume while in Scotland!


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