Sunday, July 3, 2011

Skittles and Shopping

Packing stinks. The end.

Ok so not, but still, this is no fun.

Today I got up and did last minute shopping. Bought more cute clothes and souvenirs.

After I got back we walked to Edinburgh's Oldest Pub, The Sheeps Heid, and rented their super old bowling lane, or as they called it, skittles lane. The balls don't have holes and you have to reset the pins by hand, but it was fun! I really enjoyed myself. I also had my last legal drink, cider again. We then walked back and now I'm here packing! Fun fun fun!

I'll post when I'm back in the states.



  1. The Sheep's Heid --- very good! I've been there.
    Did you see Duddingston Loch (lake)?

    See you America,
    David (in Paris till tomorrow)

  2. oops --- I meant "see you in America".
    (oh well, who knows what I meant....)

  3. Yup we walked right by it because we went through/around Holyrood park to get there.
    Can't wait to get back! Maybe we can do lunch or something Sunday.


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