Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The (almost) Perfect Spindle for Drawing With!

What am I talking about you say? See for yourself.

I have been doing a lot of spindle drawings lately because I am going to have an opportunity to sell them and the headbands with the yarn at a craft show in November. So back in August I did a bit of thinking and realized there had to be an easier way to draw with a spindle besides taping a pencil to the bottom.  And thus this was born!

Like most homemade spindles, I used wooden wheels from Hobby Lobby. Unlike most homemade spindles, the dowel rod is replaced with a charcoal pencil.  Overall, it does the job just like a normal spindle.  However there are a few flaws in this device:
  • It actually makes a different type of mark than the ones produced by taping a pencil to the bottom of a normal spindle
  • The hole in the wheel was too small for my pencil, so I had to do a bit of carving and hacking at it. If I wanted to go 'pro' on these, I'd find a better thing to use there.
  • Since the wheel is small, it doesn't hold much yarn.
  • Obviously, the pencil needs sharpening sometimes, thus making it shorter.
  • I couldn't quite get the hook to stay it, so it's taped on top.
This really does do the trick for making drawings, I am not going to lie. But I think that I actually prefer the marks made by taping a pencil to the bottom. So for now I am alternating between the two until I have time to think of a better solution.

Anyone ever make a homemade drop spindle? Any pointers??


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  1. Woah, that is an awesome idea! Sure there are a few drawbacks, but it has to be the first spindle ever created like that!


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