Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home Away From Home

OK so technically, that's studio. But it's also my college campus.  Last Monday night all my friends were busy and I was being lazy, having finished off four chocolate chip cookies! So I decided I needed to go walking, bad.  And walking I did. I wondered around campus for a solid 2 hours and decided I would take photos of some prominent spots to share with all of you! So I would like to take you on a photo journey through Kansas State University!

Started here, with the WWII Memorial: Tags of Honor
2006 Tornado Memorial I didn't even know existed

Sidewalk decorations outside a science building.

Engineering Complex - KSU is big in engineering and has a huge program for it!

Random Engineering based sculpture.

Ahearn Fieldhouse. Old home of Basketball, current home of Volleyball. And no AC!

I just thought this was funny :P


Time for a break! I always love dipping my toes in this fountain!

Bosco Plaza outside the Union with historic Anderson Hall behind it. 

If it's not engineering, then it's architecture that KSU is known for. This is their building. 

I have yet to figure out what this is and I've been here 4 years. 


Nichols. Home of a cute little theater and my uncle's office. 

Ah McCain! They always have such great shows that I cannot afford to go to. 

Such a nice pathway :)

President's house. 

The way I go home each day. 

No thank you. 

Ok, this is my legit home away from home! STUDIO!

I love Willard Hall!

The spork! And the leadership building that is too nice for it's own good. 

The quad. Where I do my tree drawings.

Good old Hale Library. 

Heading home. 

The Bluemont Bell. 

I hope you enjoyed my visual tour. I have nothing new to report on the front of knitting, because I have been painting like crazy. I'll leave you with a cute picture of my studio partner last night.


Visiting artist Peregrin Honig's dog! Her and my teacher went to dinner and I got left with him since I was at studio anyways! Have a great day guys!


  1. Seeing photos of KSU is so bittersweet for me. Especially the ugliness that is the engineering complex. You have definitely inspired me to go take a nice walk!

  2. That was cool, but WHERE are all the people? It is like you are the last person on earth?!?! :)


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