Friday, September 21, 2012

Quickie FO Friday

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is as ready for the weekend as I am. I'm going camping!!!

I wanted to take the opportunity to show you guys my finished hat. It's been done since at least Sunday, because I am such a speed knitter on stuff like this.

I was so excited to cast this on, as I had been wanting a Kitty Ears hat for awhile and I also wanted an excuse to try Cascade 220 yarn. When I finished it a few days later though, I had mixed emotions.  It looks ok in this photo, but I just am not sure how much I really like or how good it really looks on me. Then there's the issue of wearing it around campus, which I am not sure if I have the guts to do. Hmmmmm. 

I love how warm it is, so Cascade did not let me down. The earflaps are nice too. If I don't keep it it will become a gift my for my little sister who would probably look amazing in it. The decision is so hard to make!

On the art front, I keep making more and more drawings. They are so much fun! 

Have a great weekend guys!


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  1. I love the painting! So interesting! I actually think the hat looks cute on you, I don't know why you were so critical of it. But knowing some K-State people (you know the ones)...I don't blame you for not wanting to wear it out. Also, thanks for making me crave crepes!

  2. Would love to know more about your drawing - are you using ink?

  3. Fun hat! I like your painting, too. It has an interesting fluid look to it.

  4. I say, "GO FOR IT" and wear that adorable hat around campus! It's really cute and has loads of personality. Your artwork is really beautiful;you're very talented!

  5. Your hat is super cute! I love the color too.
    I hope you had fun camping:)


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