Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday, Ermm Sunday Book Review

Hi Guys. I had a pretty uneventful evening, but I just felt like holding off my book review until this morning. So I hope that is OK. :) (it's gonna have to be!)

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting by Lorna Miser 

-The preface; she talks about how she knits literally everywhere and how it has brought her so many great friends, experiences and memories.
-Each pattern has a story behind it, usually something from her life that inspired the pattern.
-The photos are to die for!
-Even though she is the founder of Lorna's Laces, many of these projects do not require that yarn.

-There are a lot of patterns I'd never make.

Favorite Patterns:
-Michele's Southwestern Motif Sweater - This is going into my queue RIGHT NOW! I am not joking, I NEED this sweater!

Overall, I do really love this book,and given the chance I'd add it to my library in a heart beat. There are quite a few pattern's I'd never make, but there are quite a few I would too. 

Mother of Purl by Edith Eig
-Includes the basics for knitting and getting started, with great photos!
-All the different chapters on different topics, such as:
  • Having knitting socials
  • She really knows her yarns and explains with great detail how to choose the right one.
  • The great detail she goes into with shaping for sweaters.
  • The future of knitting

-She tells stories of celebrities she has worked with in her shop.

-A lot of the patterns are very fancy, 'chic' looking, nothing I'd ever wear (but I get why a celeb would)
-The patterns just list the yarn, not the yardage, weight, etc. That doesn't do me any good if I need to sub. 
-I don't feel like the models do a great job of displaying the patterns.

Favorite Patterns:
Summer Tank
Dress in Segue

Overall, I love her stories and tips for knitters, but the patterns leave a lot to be desired. I almost feel like this book was meant to brag about how she has worked with celebrities and her shop in LA.

So that's it for my reviews. I haven't had a chance to knit more since Friday, but I spent all yesterday at studio and got my still life set up!

I may add a ball or 2. Who knows.

I can't wait to start painting this thing! It will be so much fun!  I hope the weekend treats you well, and if you are in the states, happy Labor day tomorrow! No classes for me (but lots of studio!)


Sorry guys, I couldn't help it!


  1. I agree about the one sweater. It looks lovely. If only it had a better picture.

  2. Oh yes, you must knit that sweater, it is adorable and looks like a quick knit too. Also I cannot wait to see how the still-life turns out!

  3. I love it when you do your book reviews. I have been looking at the Faith.Hope.Love book. I may just get it for the stories. :)
    Yes, you need that sweater!


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