Monday, September 24, 2012

Drawing: One Step Further

Hi guys! I had an amazing weekend camping with my friends! It was such a great excuse to just get away from school and relax.

Anyways, I had quite a few of you enquire about the art I posted on my last blog so I thought I would take the time to share with you what exactly I have been up to, as well as where I am going with it next. 

So you may or may not remember the final project I did last semester that involved the marks made by trees and my reactions to these remarks. (see here: Speaking to the Trees). Well the 'drawings' I am showing you here are basically those drawings on steroids. I struggled for the first few weeks of class trying to decide exactly where I wanted to go: either more trees or some other form of mark making. In the end, I wanted to stick to the trees for a bit longer.  But then came the issue of how to expand on last semester? 

I am not really sure how I decided on this, but I have done drawings from projectors before, so maybe that plus the ink washes we were doing in figure class made me decide to give this a try. 

So for those wondering, what I finally decided to do was have the tree make marks/drawings for me, then I scanned those drawings into my computer and got a projector. I projected the tree's drawing onto a sheet of paper hanging on the wall and went at it.  Some of these are more reactive than others.  I have a few I did this last weekend that are much more expressive, but I don't have photos. 

Being a senior, we get quite a bit of independence.  My teacher hasn't actually seen these since I started them a week ago, and we have 6 drawings due next Wednesday.  I finally had the opportunity to show them to her today, which yielded mixed reactions. She thinks I have ventured a bit too far from my alternative marks and need to stop with the trees for awhile. Honestly, she is right. As much as I love these drawings, I miss the thrill of seeing what marks can be made without my hand.

So where am I going? Well I am going to turn these in as my first semester assignment and then spend some time researching and taking notes (I already have 2 pages of ideas just from walking around my apartment) on things I can attach pens to to make marks. My next endeavor promises to be fun if I can work it out. Lets just say it involves exercise! Yea!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday. For me, I can't seem to get to sleep, hence the late post. Whatever. Sleep is for chumps anyways right? Especically when you are talking to the NSSTOBF  on facebook! (not-so-soon-to-be-boy-friend)....long story that I don't wanna share right now. 

So I will leave you with that. I have about 3 WIPS I can't wait to share on Wednesday, so until then, Goodnight blog world!


Forget the lolcats, how about me with 4 smores in my system??? LOL


  1. Wow, that sounds like the perfect weekend in every way, I'm so glad you had so much fun! I also don't care what your drawing teacher says, I like the drawing.

  2. I think the drawings look great! I'm sure your teacher is trying to make you stretch and grow as an artist:)
    Sounds like a fantastic weekend what with s'mores and all:)

  3. Camping is awesome, wish I could go again!


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