Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Art!

Hi all! I just wanted to stop in and show you a couple of my works in progress art wise real quick.

Current in-progress painting. It's supposed to be shades of white...and took me forever to figure out what that meant!
Current in progress drawing. Pencil attached to top of box. Paper at bottom. Box in backpack and off I go on my jog! So far I've made 3 amazing drawings!

I hope you all had a great week! I went to a family get together for my grandma's 90th birthday today. It was fun but kinda boring to see all my adult cousins and their adult lives. But then I took my sister skating and that was a blast!



  1. Woah, that newest pencil drawing is awesome!

  2. Other look great! I love the knitted bit.

  3. I like the knitted painting, cool!

  4. Awesome artwork, as always! Love the idea of jogging with the pencil-box. And the knitted painting is gorgeous. I've missed reading your blog (argh, real life!) and now I need to go catch up! :)


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