Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Happy Sock Day :)

Happy Wednesday folks! For me it's "sock day" because the only things I have to post about are socks.

My only WIP that I am continuously working on is my Un-Vanilla Socks, which actually need a name change now.

This was the yarn:

My full intentions were to make these plain old vanilla toe up socks, just because the color is so wild and I wanted something super basic. Well.... as I worked the toe I realized that the color is much more subtle when you knit with it so I decided to pick out a pattern from my copy of Socks from the Toe Up (Which is a fantastic book!). This decision did not come easily but I finally decided on Lacy Rib Socks because the pattern was subtle and simple enough to work with this yarn. It's slower going than Vanilla, but they are coming along nicely!

It's so funny, because I can get bored with knitting, bored to the point where I just stop for awhile, but then I pick up or start a pair of socks and I'm happy again! There is just something about socks that remind me how much I love knitting.

In related sock news, I have some new yarn to share with you all. One of them is yet another skein of sock yarn! This time blame my aunt, who brought it back for me from Germany (I am taking a solumn vow to not buy anymore yarn all summer, but gifts are fine :P ).

My aunt knows me well (or is a good guesser) because I don't have a single skein of any blue-type sock yarns in my stash! This is so squishy too! Yay more socks!

She also knows I look good in blues, which led to these 5 skeins of Merino! YAY! I seriously plan to knit a sweater this fall with these, perfect for a bounce back from the epic lace top failure.

So, how is the week going? I hope it's going well! Mine is fast and short, as I am going home to hold a garage sale Friday and Saturday for Relay! Have a good one guys.

And as usual, check out Tami's Amis for more WIP Wednesdays. 


P.S.-- Guess who's going to see The Amazing Spider-man for the 3rd time tomorrow? Forget about a yarn budget, I think I need a Spide-rman budget!


  1. Oooh, I like the way that yarn is knitting up!

  2. I'm hopping here from another blog talking about the same..what's that thing about "great minds think.." I was saying..I'm new to socks and seem to want to collect the yarn more than sit and ctually learn..sock yarn has opened a new world for me!

    1. I am the same way really! I feel like I collect more sock yarn than I knit with it.

  3. I love the new yarn! I've been wanting to knit that pattern for so long now, every time I flip through that book, that pattern makes me pause. I'm so glad that you are knitting it, especially in that yarn. That will be one beautiful pair of socks!

  4. Those socks are beautiful! I love the yarn. And I love the color of that merino, too!

  5. Oh nice work Aunty!! I totally agree about sock knitting, they are really quite enjoyable, and even better to wear!


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