Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Evening Book Review #7

So I had a ton of ideas for posts I was going to do either Wednesday or Thursday, about socks, knitting, yarns, spinning. etc.  But time just flew away and one thing led to another, a few things didn't fit into my ideas, and well now it's Saturday. But that's ok, because I have an excuse to post today!

Saturday Evening Book Review!

Tonight's list includes a couple of very adventurous books! The first of which is:

Color by Kristin by Kristin Nicholas

The amazing colors and photos in this book!
Besides just having patterns, the back is loaded with colorwork charts so you can add motifs to anything!
The extensive section at the beginning on how to actually do fair isle, different color work stitches, steeking, etc. 
All the color work motifs are really fun and creative.
She recommends other color choices for projects besides what is pictured.
So much more than just sweaters!

Although fun and creative, many of the motifs are not anything I'd personally want to wear at this time.
I wish some of the color work was more subtle, but I guess that is what the book is about after all :/

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, I wish I had the stash to try one of these projects, as buying all those colors is so much money! I love her style and color choices as well as the extensive selection of designs in the back. I think a few things are a bit over the top, but that is just me and my love of subtle-ness coming through.

Domino Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro

She really knows her stuff and explains how to do it all very well.
The idea of doing dishcloths/pot holders as a way to learn a technique used later in another pattern is really nice.

Sadly, the potholders are really the only patterns I like in this book. The others seem outdated (it is a 2002 book...) and just tacky. But maybe that's what domino knitting is?
The author seems a bit full of herself.
Some of her color choices are just awful!

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, a great book to learn how to domino knit from, but I wouldn't make any of the patterns in it. I'd create my own first.

Socktopus by Alice Yu

I grabbed this at the library, having heard so many things about it. And let me say, I FELL IN LOVE! I personally love EVERY pattern in this book and plan to try many of them in my future. This will likely be a purchase book for m down the road. 

Ok so on the Tour de Fleece front, I finished up my singles and spun them into two, 2-ply balls, and am now spinning those 2 ply balls together. It's taking me a bit but it should be done by tomorrow! :) I am so so so so excited for this yarn!

Hope y'all are having a good weekend! See you Monday!



  1. I really love how the handspan is coming out, it looks a little like gold!

  2. I agree, your handspun glows in that first photo!

    Also, if you like those potholders you would probably like the Sock Yarn Blanket that's been quite popular on Ravelry for a while.

  3. Oh my gosh, Lisa, your handspun looks like it was spun from the Golden Fleece of Greek myth! :) Cabled yarns are so much fun, aren't they?

    And I really enjoyed your book reviews, as always. I'd been thinking about checking out Color By Kristin, because colorwork is one of those areas in knitting that kind of intimidates me. And I totally agree about Socktopus: those designs are all totally gorgeous!


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