Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ravellenics Update #1

As many of you know, the Olympics started last Friday in London. I was home that weekend so I was able to catch the opening ceremonies, which will probably be all I catch since I don't have cable at my new apartment. 

I was a little hesitant to join in with the Ravellenic Games, simply because I didn't want to get overwhelmed. But after a bit of persuasion and thinking I decided to give it a try! What better excuse to knit all day and get some stuff done? 

I am currently on Team Catitude, a team set up by the Ravelry group "My Knitting Has Cat Hair in it". I have only been a part of this group for about a week, but they seem like a fun bunch and I can't to get to know some of the members.  I have decided, for the time being, to participate in three different events. 

Event 1: Bag 'n Tote Backstroke

My 13 year old sister is finally at that age where she needs a purse, and last weekend she asked me if I could knit her one. Of course I said "Yes!" and promptly led her to my computer to let her look at my stash on Ravelry.  Naturally, she picked out the weirdest yarn possible: Lavendar Whorl Handspun. For those who may not remember, this yarn is a combo of Ivy's spinning and my plying and is an loosely plyed, bulky yarn.  I was hesitant to cast-on at first, because I didn't think this yarn would make a good bag, but now I am really glad I did!
Miranda's Bulky Bag is an improvised design that I am knitting like a toe-up sock and plan to make like a messenger bag (with the flap that goes over the front). As fast as this is going, it should be done by the weekend...if I have enough yarn. I think I will also publish this pattern if it works out. 

Event 2: Sock Put

Something I already had started, my Dark Rainbows Ribbed Socks are coming along very fast now that I have a real excuse to work on them. I am about half way up the foot of both and hopefully will be at the heel by the weekend. I am really liking this pattern now that I have it down and the color is really popping with it. I can't wait to finish these bad boys!

Event 3: Charity Rowing

As most of my older readers may remember, I am huge into Relay For Life, and I plan on doing it again this coming year. One of my team mates thinks we can get in cheap at a craft fair, so I have been knitting these winter headbands like crazy on my work breaks. It only takes about 2 days  ( 4 half hour breaks) to make one band, which means my stock is already up to about 12! WOW. As you can see above, I haven't added the borders and decor to most of them yet, my focus is more on getting the bodies done.  The borders are to be done in handspun, handdyed yarn so that will make them even more special.  My goal for this event it to have 14 done by the time the Ravellenics are over. 

So, anyone else participating in the Ravellenics? What team are you on, what's your event(s)? I'd love to hear about what you are all up to, it's always so much fun to read and comment on all of your amazing work, just like I hope it's fun for you to do so with mine. Happy Tuesday!



  1. Heehee, that is one of the cutest cat photos I have seen yet! Also, I love how the socks are looking, they are so pretty! I'm also so glad that you are able to use that hand spun!

  2. Sounds like you are making awesome progress, LOVE the socks! and lol at your sister picking the weirdest yarn, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!


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