Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Evening Book Review: Blast from the Past

Hi guys! Sorry I have been so dead on my blog again, but starting this week I am going to be getting better with posting and doing better photos and content!

So tonight I am here to do my usual book reviews. This week's books were both books that I mainly grabbed on a whim in a hurry last week.  Both have a plethora of patterns, and both seem very retro-esque as well.

Each pattern has photos to show how your hands should look as you make certain stitches and sections of your project.
The patterns are extremely well written and detailed.
The book has a retro flare to it considering the date it was published. (published 2006).
Not just sweaters
There is a section about dying in the back!

The retro flare, some of these patterns are just really cheesy and flashy.
As helpful as the photos are, they get a bit busy after a while.

Favorite patterns:

Disco Set

Overall, a lot of these patterns are flashy, gaudy and just not me. The instructions are great, I just wish the patterns matched.

Speed Knitting by Kris Percival

The simple fact that the patterns are designed to be knitted fast.
Instructions on how to pick the perfect yarn and needles.
The appendix in the back has good visual instructions for learning basics.
Colorful photos and layout
The baby patterns are super cute!

I don't really have any.

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, this book has a lot of things I would gladly make if I needed a quick and easy pattern. Definitely on my list of books I want!

In non-review news, I decided to do the Ravellenic Games, which I will post about tomorrow or Monday. I am pretty excited that I am doing it, let alone that I have time to do it! I joined the "There's Cat Hair in my Knitting!" group, which will be a fun adventure once it gets going :)

Happy Weekend everyone!



  1. Woah, the bag on the cover of that first book is pretty special, I suppose that's one way of using up your novelty yarns! The second book looks like it has some nice patterns!

  2. The second one is great. I own it. Everything in it knits up SUPER quick and there isn't realy a bad pattern in it, which is saying something because bulky knits don't always look good.

    I'm doing the Ravellenic Games too! Team Tardis :) It's my first year and is a blast so far.


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