Thursday, July 5, 2012

Starts and Finishes

I think the first finish I need to talk about is super basic, one sentence long:


Ok anyways, tonight's post is dedicated to all the finishes I have to share, as well as the many, many, many starts I have going on as well.

As I mentioned above, I am officially done unpacking. And everything is pretty much where it needs to be and set up how I want it to be. I even have a cute little craft corner! There are still a few things I need to get, but that is for another day and another pay check. I'll try and post a few pictures sometime soon.

In the same category, I finished the Amari Shawl last weekend and managed to successfully wet block it as well! I think it turned out perfect! There are a few mistakes from ripping it out, but overall, the colors work well together and it's a nice fit. Once it cools down a bit I will for sure be wearing it very often!

Now onto the list of starts, which are a lot longer than the finishes (naturally).

I didn't have to work yesterday, so I (finally) started a summer painting. This is what it looks like so far. The balls aren't in place yet and I will probably put some paint over the top to merge the surface with the balls more. 

What with the shawl done and knit night tonight, I had to find something to make with yarn from the shop (not quite a requirement, but I feel guilty going if I don't).  So.... I started the beribboned wrists! They are knitting up pretty fast actually. And I love knitting with this yarn, it lets off the smell of berries while I knit, which is heavenly. 

Finally, in the stash front, my Tour de Fleece yarn is coming a long very fast, but not quite the pace I wanted. However, I am almost at half done, which is still amazing given the time frame! I LOVE this roving and yarn!

Why 2 spindles? Cuz I left my small one at home today when I went to my aunt's house to spin!

AND Wildflower was having a 4th of July Sale this week, and not like I need more sock yarn, BUT..... I've been eyeing this for awhile and it was half off! So why not? 

Rio de la Plata, 100% new wool from Uruguay,  437 yards

For some reason I feel like I am forgetting something, but I think that's it for the evening. Thanks for stopping by my little piece of heaven! See you all around.


Happy Late 4th to all my USA Friends!


  1. Berry-scented yarn sounds awesome! haha Also, I love your shawl! The color progression is really great.

  2. Wow! You've been busy! The shawl is gorgeous. :-)

  3. Nice work on the unpacking, I love your shawl and the colours you have used!

  4. I love the way your shawl turned out- i so wish i had time right now to cast one on. Hmmmmm- maybe August...

  5. Everything looks great! I love your shawl. The colors are gorgeous.
    Congratulations on getting yourself all unpacked. That's always a huge job and such a relief when it's done.

  6. That shawl is amazing! It looks so lovely in blue too. Congrats on finishing it :)

  7. You know how I feel about the shawl, it is just beautiful. Also, I had no idea that the yarn would still have a berry smell, that is so awesome! You have been getting so much done this week!

  8. Your spinning looks great! Looks like you're well on your way to meeting your tour goal.

  9. Your shawl came out beautiful! Where do you find yarn that smells like berries? I need to get some of that! :)

  10. I love that shawl. So clever to use colors the way you did. It's now on my queue.

    I thought I saw something about scented yarns on ravelry. Is this for real? Does it cost more? Very strange.

    1. Nah, mine are just scented because I dyed them with berries! But now I am wondering if there are actually commercial ones you can buy.

  11. Wow you've been a busy girl! It must feel fantastic to finally be unpacked and settling into your new home. Your shawl is beautiful - the style really showcases the colors. What fun that your yarn still smells like berries. It's an added bonus!

  12. Oh oh oh!!! That shawl is just gorgeous, Lisa! I especially love the lacy edging. Also, your handspun looks amazing, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how your berry-scented mitts turn out. :) Congrats on getting unpacked and settled!


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