Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Resolutions-in-Progress Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I'm halfway through the week and the weekend cannot come soon enough!

For today's WIP Wednesday, I thought I would mix it up a bit. I have so much going on in fiber land that I think it's appropriate to take today's post and talk about my 2012 Fiber Resolutions.

Back at the beginning of the year me and Ivy both made lists of things we wanted to accomplish with our knitting and spinning this year (her list). While she has amazingly been trucking through her list, I felt the last few months that I had kind of just forgotten about mine.

And then something happened: I looked at the list and realized I was a lot farther than I thought, and that all the ones I really care about doing are actually happening.

Resolution-in-progress #1: Conquer something lace with minimal, barely noticeable mistakes. Like socks or a scarf or something smaller.

Or bigger, like a top. I wish I could say I had conquered it though. This is the depressing part of the post. So if you tear up easily you may want to look away. 

Remember this: 

Well I haven't picked it up in forever, so I decided to last night. After knitting another 4 rounds it was finally getting to a good length where I could tell if it was going to fit or not. The whole time I was worried it'd be too small.

WOW! My math is bad! I am never, ever, ever again following instructions to make your own numbers. At least, not for a very long time. Basically, I am at that point where I want to cry, long and hard, over the many many hours spent just getting this far. Safe to say this will be in hibernation for a very long time until I can pull it out and start over without ripping my heart out as well.

But, it still helps fulfill the above goal, in that the lace is almost perfect (Thanks to the markers) and if nothing else I learned a lot about knitting lace patterns in the process. 

Resolution-in-progress #2: Toe-Up 2 at a time socks. 

I couldn't resist casting on this yarn, it was just calling to me. 

Plus, I haven't knit a pair of plain vanilla socks in forever. So.... my new knit-night exclusive is a vanilla pattern from "Socks from the Toe-up" by Wendy Johnson, which I am knitting 2-at-a-time just to see how it goes. So far so good. 

So after these socks are done, this resolution will be also!

Resolution-in-progress DONE! #3: Dye bare yarn. So far I've only dyed roving, but I'd love to try dying sock yarn or something white like that.

A few weeks ago we had a dying/unpacking/fiber fun weekend at my place and Ivy graciously let me try dying some bare Knitpicks Stroll Fingering. I had never dyed bare yarn before, so I wasn't sure if it would be anything like dying bare roving or not. I basically did the same thing I do when I dye roving, and I gotta admit, the results were spectacular for a first time!

This yarn will eventually become a Multnomah Shawl, which I had planned on casting on much sooner, but right now it's on the back burner since I'm burned out on constant knitting AND I have so many other WIP's. 

Resolution-in-progress Complete! #4: Attempt different types of plys. I am not sure if you can do much more with a spindle, but even more 3 and 4 ply yarns would be nice.

And now for the big Tour de Fleece reveal! I gotta say, this yarn pretty much speaks for itself.

50% Tencel, 50% Merino, 4 oz, ~110 yards, two 2-ply yarns spun together to make a 4-ply chain yarn.

I seriously think I am the proudest of this yarn than any others I've spun.  It's the most even, and I managed to keep the fluff and softness, and it's enough to make something! I am sooo happy! (and I am taking photos outside from now on, period!)

Well,considering that I thought my resolutions list was going no where, it looks like I really do want to learn and that I am having a more successful year than I intially thought.

Have a great week guys!

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  1. Lisa, I'm so sorry about your sweater! It's so great that you can see the positive in it, even though it turned out a little big. You're right, the lace does look perfect! :) And, oh my gosh, I LOVE your hand-dyed yarn, and your cabled handspun: so beautiful! Those socks are going to be gorgeous, too.

  2. Yay for new yarn! Love the results, can't wait to see what you make with it!

    Besides the make your own numbers aspect of that pattern, it's good to remember for next time that lace stretches a lot. Good luck with it!

    And Multnomah is the perfect pattern for a variegated yarn like your handspun. I think it'll look great!

  3. That dyed yarn turned out so nicely! Again, so sorry to hear about the top problems, that is so frustrating!

  4. The results of your dyed wool are amazing. Is there anyway you could turn your top into something else? Cast off and maybe turn it into a cowl? I hate ripping my efforts out so would rather try to make something else. Good luck

  5. Your progress has been amazing -- now that you've looked at it all properly, I'm sure you're feeling really great about your list. As for the top, we've all been there. Cry all you want and then chalk it up to a lesson learned. After all, I think knitting is all about learning and simple getting better which you clearly are doing!


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