Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Evening Book Review: 2 weeks late :/

What with the move 2 weeks ago, and lack of internet last week, I haven't had a chance to give you guys my Saturday Evening Book Reviews! I'm so sad I missed those 2 weeks because the books I have been planning to review are really fun and I wanted so desperately to talk about them! So on with the show!

Knitting Cuff to Cuff by Susan Guagliumi


She has a very extensive intro that explains a lot of the how to actually knit sideways sweaters, instead of just providing the reader with patterns
The diagrams helped me visualize how the sweater would be knitted.
The patterns are all really contemporary and fun! 
As are the photos :D


The complexity of some of the patterns
Although the patterns are contemporary, some are a bit wild, and 'out there'
Ravelry doesn't have all of it's patterns in their library!

Favorite Patterns:

Chiquita Jacketta
Autumn Leaves

Overall, this book made me think of sweaters in a new way and if I am ever daring enough, I may try a couple of them! If you want to try them yourself, it looks like you should probably have a good knowledge of sweater basics first.

Knit Green by Joanne Seiff


Before each section of patterns, there is more info about what the section is about and how it promotes sustainability. This really makes me think more about my yarn choices, fiber choices and where it all comes from.
The patterns are all very innovative
It's so much more than just your normal sweater, socks, garments, etc.


A lot of the patterns are pretty specific to a certain fiber/material and if you don't have access to that, you are out of luck.

Favorite Patterns:

Soft Basket - LOVE this idea! And it gave me ideas for my art too!

Overall, this book really makes one think about how knitting effects the environment and economy. I love the cute ideas for patterns you wouldn't normally think of and recycling yarns and materials into new projects.

On the TdF front, I am getting so much closer! And learning to spin so much faster and consistently! I also established that this particular fiber works best with my smaller spindle, because all of my consistency issues were happening on the larger one. 

It keeps changing colors on me! Right now it's almost solid yellow! 


  1. That cat picture = hilarious!

    I like the idea of recycling bedsheets and knitting them in that soft basket. Cool!

  2. I always love your book reviews!
    I too think that cat pic is hilarious. :)

  3. Glad to hear the moving is mostly under control. I love the idea of recycling old fabrics into something else. Looks like it might be an interesting book.

  4. I've never had any interest in sideways-knitted projects, I don't know why. I think that it might be fun to try but after that I would go back to more common construction. I really loved that recycled knits book though! That handspun is looking fantastic!


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