Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Evening Book Review -- Bit of a disappointment

Hello all! I am super burned out from my day today, which I will likely post about tomorrow. Lets just say it was awesome.

But anyways, I still need to do today's book reviews, both of which tonight are somewhat disappointing this time around. Both books I checked out just didn't do anything for me this time.

Knitting Brioche by Nancy Merchant

  • The colors are pretty
  • The patterns are pretty. 
  • Does a good job explaining what Brioche knitting is and how it is different from normal knitting.
  • The author knows her stuff.


  • I wish the diagrams were easier to understand
  • I wish the instructions were easier to understand
  • I still think it sounds really hard to knit brioche and honestly this book didn't help me in figuring it out or making m actually want to.

Favorite patterns (IF I could figure out how to actually knit them):

Overall I think it's a good book with great patterns, but you would definitely want to watch some internet tutorials or something on Brioche to supplement this book because Brioche just sounds hard and confusing.

One Ball Knits: Accessories

  • It all only takes 1 ball of yarn


  • None of the patterns really do anything for me
  • They all seem pretty dated
  • The book isn't really very eye appealing or graphic designed well.

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, I just don't like this book. The patterns are very basic and lame and I just don't see anything in them I'd like to make.

Sorry tonight's book were a bit lame, it's probably my own fault for being in such a hurry the other night at the library. I was really hoping the Brioche book would be better, but I just couldn't understand it.  Any of you guys ever knit brioche? It looks really cool but sounds so confusing!

Happy Knit in Public Day!



  1. I love that you do these reviews, even if the books turn out to be less than exciting. It's a good way to get a feel for them and see what might be interesting, especially when you link your favorites, so thank you!

    I haven't knit brioche before but I know a few people who love it and have seen some great scarves on Rav, this pattern seems to be popular:

  2. Yeah, I not exactly sure if I even know what brioche is, I've just never had a reason to learn. Heehee, we are both definitely pretty burnt out. I look like a lobster this morning!

  3. Not lame at all. Thankfully we have you to review them for us, so that we don't buy books we probably would never use. :)

  4. I don't really get brioche - I've never done it I don't suppose!
    I'm slightly dubious of one skein wonder books too - I don't know why - probably should actually look at one before I say that :)

  5. Not all books are awesome, I'm glad that you're telling us what you really think. Thanks for your reviews - I think it's a great regular post.

  6. Congrats on getting your own apartment. Too bad those books weren't more enjoyable, but thank goodness you got them from the library rather than a book store! I have never tried Brioche ... it is pretty low on my list :o)

    Have a great week.


  7. Uggg! I hate when that happens! Thank you for sharing your reviews, I am always a little iffy on buying books because I never know just with a quick glance at the store how they will be. Its nice to get such an honest opinion on the books. :)


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