Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy, Productive Weekend!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope the weekend is treating you well. As for me, it's treating me very well. So well in fact that I just don't want to go to work tomorrow.

I have so many little things I want to share with you all, that I don't know where to begin! I guess I'll start at the beginning.

Friday night was a very nice, mellow evening. It was a bit chilly here, which was a bit odd given the time of year, but nonetheless a great evening to enjoy a bit of live music! Luckily for me Manhattan has a concert series, Arts in the Park, that they do every Friday. It's comprised of live music, and last Friday's was a group from Texas known as White Ghost Shivers. Being a twangy, banjo, ragtime, 20's style band, they were really entertaining! And it was so much fun to see all the community members out and about and all the little kids dancing up front. It was a little nippy, but I still managed to get some knitting on my shawl done. Not much though :(

Saturday was the exact opposite of Friday, for the weather was back up in the 80's and 90's. Kansas is so weird sometimes. Saturday for me meant Farmer's Market, at which I picked up some fresh lettuce to satisfy my current salad phase and home made salsa! YUM!  I also got into a bit of a pattern writing mood, so I spent the morning sketching out more worsted weight sock ideas with patterns from my 365 stitch calendar. I have quite a few planned out, and even managed to make a prototype and write up a pattern for one of them: Woven Braid Worsted Socks. Don't ask me why, I just have an obsession with worsted socks and there are not enough patterns out there! I think it would be so fun to publish a whole book of worsted socks! Anyways, I am currently seeking test knitters for this one, and I'm asking my faithful readers first. If anyone wants to knit these, let me know :)

I also had the chance to catch up with Ivy yesterday, for she was in town and we got together for a bit to just talk and knit (although no knitting occurred...again!). It's so nice to have someone to stitch and bitch with sometimes. I hope we get more of that very soon.

So today is Sunday, and here it's super humid and drizzley out. That didn't stop me from trying something else new! I am currently really interested in natural dyes for fiber from plants and flowers and vegis and such. Well my aunt offered up a bit of her garden to grow some of these things and we went by a local flower place. We got marigolds for her garden and for me (yes me!) we got some Coleus plants. I couldn't resist the colors of the beautiful leaves, even if they don't boil down well into dyes, I am so excited to finally have some plants to take care of! After reading everyone's blogs, I just got hit by the gardening bug! These pots will faithfully sit outside my door all summer :)

Pot 1
Pot 2. I can't wait to see them explode!

And now, it being five o'clock, I need to start packing for my new apartment, which I move into next week. I am SOO excited to get into it, for I will finally have a place to myself and all the space I need to be super artsy!

Happy Sunday everyone!


This is Josie, the lucky kitty I get to cat sit for this weekend! Isn't she awesome!?!?!?


  1. Woohoo, fun weekend! Good luck with all your big plans. :)

  2. Gasp! How did you fail to mention those beautiful plants during our stitch and bitch? I'm so super jealous, they look fantastic! I would totally love to test knit those socks for you, send the pattern on over! I cannot wait for next weekend! Lets plan on bringing projects we actually want to work on, that way maybe knitting WILL happen this time.

    1. Because I hadn't planted them yet! And the pattern is on it's way :)


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