Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turing Scraps into Gold

 Let me start by mentioning that I finally finished my Effortless Cardigan. I will post pictures and more details after it is blocked, whenever that is.

Anyways, as you may know, I am trying to only use stash yarn all year and not buy any new yarn at all. (although that may get broken very soon because Berroco just made some new amazing colors of Vintage and I freaked out for at least 5 minutes when I found out). So in my attempts to reduce my stash, I have been working on a few projects with my scrap/lower amount yarns.

The first one was a a headband I knitted up with some handspun.  This is the handspun that I made last semester for my spindle drawings , and I didn't have very much of each color so I couldn't do too much with it. I didn't even have enough to finish the headband, as you can see. There are 3 different yarns in there, a blue/black/green 3 ply, a blue/black 2 ply, and then a green 2 ply.  It's really fun to wear because of it's changes in color and bulkyness, but I wish it would lay flat. I guess I need to find an iron and try steam blocking it.

(This photo does no justice, but I can't get a picture of me wearing it...)

Next up is a pair of socks I started last night. I have a ton of random scraps of Vintage, and after finishing my cardigan I wanted to just get them out of my stash. So I am making random stripe worsted socks from the toe up.  I sat down for 3 hours yesterday and am already at the heel cup. I was going to do them 2 at a time, but my yarn got tangled really fast so I changed my mind. Worsted socks knit up so fast though so they'll still be done in no time. I am really excited for these because I am going to make them super long, basically until I use up all my Vintage!

Finally, as many of my fellow knitters can attest to, Red Heart, or any cheap acrylic, is AWFUL to knit with! So then why I am finding myself making tons of little white balls with my extra Red Heart? Well that's a secret for now, but lets just say it has to do with my art!

I have so much on my plate with school right now, I can't even keep it straight. I am really surprised that I have found time to knit (and post about it on here!) but I have noticed that when I spend time knitting it makes me want to do school work more later.  Taking a few hours on a Saturday to knit is a great stress relief and prepares me for Sunday when the homework load hits.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and is ready for the week to start! I have a very busy one ahead, so I'll be lucky if I get through it unscathed.  Take care!



  1. I really, really, really can't wait to see how the cardigan came out! I'll bet it is super pretty!! You are also giving me huge scrap envy! I'm now nervously eyeing my own scrap stash in fear that it might attack me. I really have to continue working on my scrap blanket. Those balls are looking great, I REALLY can't wait to see how the project comes out!

  2. I tried socks two and a time once... didn't go so well for me either! It got tangled so often I was going to pull my hair out. Not to mention it makes it seem like the socks aren't growing at all! I like to see progress as I knit!

    1. Agreed! I know how to do 2aat and before I did know I was dying to know, but now I prefer 1aat because of the mess involved with doing 2. Progress is nice, I'm already on the leg of my first sock!

  3. Good luck with your resolution - I really should do that myself....I'm trying!!!
    I've had my eye on an effortless cardy too - I'd like to see how yours turned out!

    1. It turned out really well! I've never blocked anything like it before though so I am waiting until I go home this weekend to get my mom to help me. I'll post about it soon.
      This stash attack thing is very hard to keep up, I have soo many cute top patterns I want to make and not enough yarn in my stash for any of them.

  4. I love that you're finding fun and creative ways to use your odds/ends! I hate wasting anything, so I have bunches of scrap yarn that might be destined to a similar fate... if I can muster the momentum to get a move-on.


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