Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kitties Love Knitting Too!

Spring break isn't for another week, but I needed a reprieve from school so I came home this weekend.  Along with eliminating the stress of homework, it gave me an excuse to see my kitties! I miss them so much when I'm in Manhattan, so it's always so nice to get some kitty time when I'm home.  
This is Muffin. We've had her since I was in 1st grade and even though I don't get to see her much anymore, she is MY cat! Proof that she is? She always sleeps on my bed when I come home. Usually right in the middle and then I have to adjust my body around hers because it's HER bed after all.  

Remember these socks I was knitting last week? I finished the first one last night (I will post pictures when both are done) and had it laying on the couch next to me to help me with the 2nd today. Naturally, guess who decided to join me? 

Yes, she sat ON the sock! So my new sock now has cat hair on it, making it even more so mine.  The funny thing? A bunch of the projects I have been working on in Manhattan magically get cat hair on them too.  Maybe my cats just shed a lot when I come home and I somehow take it back with me? Your guess is as good as mine!

(She decided to sniff the camera!)

This is Sasha.  She is more my sister's cat then mine, and we have only had her about 4 years now.  Anyway, this cat is crazy. She likes to do so very odd things, including watch our mice and take rides on my sister's head. 

Those are my kitties. I love them so much and cannot imagine my life without them.  What about my readers? Do you guys have any pets you absolutely adore?

As for the world of knitting, as I mentioned I finished up sock 1, and sock 2 is started. I am blocking my cardigan this coming week as well as working on more white balls for my art project.  Talk to you all again soon!



  1. Muffin!!! I've never seen her before, she is adorable! I know exactly what you mean about cat hair going everywhere. I sometimes find hairs here in Mass from our kitties. I cannot wait to see the socks!

  2. I second Pumpkin. It didn't matter how far I traveled, a part of my cats were always with me (still are for that matter!)

  3. I looooooove your kitties! Muffin has the most beautiful coloring and markings, and Sasha looks like she's a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. So cute!! I've posted some about my furries too. They are just so hard to resist.

    Found you on Ravelry :)

  5. I love how you declared that Muffin is YOUR cat -- she is and she knows it. I have two cats (Aurora and Melody) who are THE most perfect kitties in the world. They're sisters, have never been separated, and are full of mischief and affection. Can't imagine our family without them. I hope you got some rest over the weekend and feel recharged from your time at home. Yay for socks!

  6. I just finished my spring break! I love going home to see my dog & cat. :)


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