Saturday, March 31, 2012

Discoveries in Painting

I've mentioned a few times that I was working on a 'super secret art project' and also that I was REALLY excited about. Not only is this project itself amazing, but the doors it opens up for my future are (as of right now) endless.

I guess I should explain. I'm in a painting class right now titled "Mixed Media Painting Workshop", which was required for my major. I had absolutely no interest in taking this class prior to the beginning of the semester. 1) Because I am just not a 'collage' type person and 2) I heard the teacher is rather odd. Turns out I was wrong about both. The class is so much more than collage and the teacher is a little weird, but I love him. He lets us do pretty much whatever we want and really helps us expand our thinking. 

Anyways our latest project was a 'surface' project, as in we had to explore different surfaces for painting.  The first day was our workshop, where we just had to bring in random surfaces to experiment with paint on. Being a knitter, I decided to knit up a swatch of white Red Heart (What else would I EVER use it for anyways). Doing that was torture, I couldn't believe I ever LIKED Red Heart! But that day in class I did some experiments with the paint and mediums on it and I really liked was I saw. My teacher then told us that we should try and make 3 dimensional surfaces, his example being using wire to build a structure to put paper around. The second he said 3D the wheels in my head started turning. 

I think the work speaks for itself:

There are so many things I really like about this project. I got to knit for school, which was a plus. The ball pattern was easy and quick, as well as Red Heart being more manageable in balls than swatches. For every ball I just went at it with random paint, no real plan in mind. Each one is unique and shows a different technique of applying the paint to the surface.  I originally wanted just the balls to be on the wall, but then I thought more about it and how the project was structured and figured they needed to be mounted, so I went with some super cheap plexi glass. The painting of the glass came as a second process, for I wanted the balls to look like extensions of the glass more than added on after. 

This project has opened up so many doors for senior studio next year. I am slowly filling a special sketch book with ideas for where I want to take the knitting and painting thing. Some of them are very interesting, let me tell you. I think I've also finally figured out what I want to do with my degree (cuz I haven't said that before!). I plan on going to grad school for painting and then teaching at a university while being an artist. If I can keep doing things like this for awhile, I will be more than content with being a 'professional painter'.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's in the 90's here! Maybe I'll spend some time outside this weekend.


PS: The title for this work is (appropriately): Yarn Bombs.


  1. Wow! your work is fantastic! The idea of combing paint and knitting is exciting :)
    I wish I'd had an opportunity like this when I was at school/university. It is wonderful. Funny how first impressions can be wrong isn't it? X

  2. The color - the texture- love everything about these paintings! It's such an exciting time when ideas and materials gel just so, Sounds like you'l have a wonderful year ahead of you.

  3. How neat! I think you definitely made the balls look like an extension of the glass. Very cool!

  4. Yay! You did it!!! It looks even more awesome than I envisioned it would! I also agree that this is just the start of so much more. Sounds like you are well on your way to being an amazing artist!

  5. Awesome!! The colors and textures are just gorgeous, and I love that you got to use your knitting in the project. And I'm so, so happy you're finding your way with your degree! Teaching at a university seems like it would be so fun and rewarding. :)

  6. Very interesting! I love that you're mixing your mediums! I'm eager to see how this turns out!

  7. That is beyond awesome!!!!! I love it and I agree. Perfect use for Red Heart. Thanks for sharing that with us.


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