Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Would You Do?

Hey guys.

As you probably know, I have been working on my second 'sweater', the Abalone, in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend. I am really close to finishing it up, but I've run into a snag.

All that I have left to do is the borders, which require you pick up all the stitches around the entire sweater and then knit 8 rows of garter stitch.  This is where the problem comes in, because I am very sure I do not have enough yarn left to complete this task; I could probably do 1 row at most.

For most people, they'd just go buy more yarn. But this yarn already has 2 different dye lots (even though there really isn't a dye lot for this type of yarn), because I got some for Christmas and then some a month ago. There's also the fact that I cannot buy it around here, so I would have to get my buddy Ivy to go buy me yet another skein. Also, money is kinda tight right now, so it's not like I can really afford ANOTHER skein.

So I went searching through my stash in hopes of finding SOMETHING that would match and maybe work as a border. I found this:

It's recycled sari silk I won at a festival last year. The color of the sari also occurs in the somepart of the the Manos yarn I am using, see?

So, if you were me, what would you do? Would you get another skein of Manos? Or use the Sari? Any other suggestions? I will take whatever advice I can get, because I really want to finish this and make it look good (and not thrown together randomly).

Also, isn't the pooling interesting? I think it's so weird how all four skeins ended up having their own pattern to them.

I hope everyone is having a great start to April, I know I am. I can't wait to hear all your ideas!



  1. I would use the Sari-love the texture contrast and that color is one of my favorites, Also agree with you on the pooling- very cool . That is going to be one beautiful sweater!

  2. I would use the silk for the edging. I think it will bring out the little bits of yellow-gold in the sweater just beautifully. Whatever you choose will be awesome, though. Can't wait to see the finished sweater!

  3. I think the contrast color on the edging will look great! You could always do a little swatch and see if you like it.

  4. Oooo, I've never seen that yarn before! Why not give it a try, it could look great! If you don't like it you could easily rip it out because the edging stitches are picked up. You are so creative!

  5. I adore this pattern, it's in my favorites! I think the Sari is beautiful, but I would wait till you have a bit more moolah. I just think it would look the best all in one type of yarn.

    Give it a try and see how you feel, that's what is important :) If you don't like the way the sari looks, rip it back and wait. If you love it, then you will never regret it. Best of luck!

  6. I think the silk on the edge will look gorgeous - might make it look even more special than all the same yarn.
    It is totally lovely :)

  7. I think it will be fun to knit your borders in the silk. What if you tried the silk on one sleeve border to see how you like it? You could try it on and get a better idea what you want to do. :-D

  8. I think the sari silk on the edging would be gorgeous! And if you didn't like it, ripping it back shouldn't be a problem. I love how your sweater is turning out, and I personally totally adore the pooling. I consider it a perk when yarn pools in interesting ways. :)

  9. Use the silk. It will be great and it will make the sweater even more personal.


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