Monday, April 30, 2012

Contest Winner + Etsy Shop + Random Updates!

Hey all! I can't believe I am posting so soon after blog week when I said I wanted a break. But then again I do have a contest winner to announce, plus a few other things I want to talk about that didn't fit into any of the categories for last week.

Announcement 1:
Thee winner of my contest! I put the names of all the commentors into a container and shook for awhile and then drew a name. And the lucky winner was....

YAY! I will be contacting you (through ravelry) about prizes and such. 

Announcement 2:
Updated Etsy shop. For those of you who purchased my stitch markers a while back, or anyone who may still be interested, I have FINALLY set up at Etsy shop. I want to introduce you all to The Knitting Artist on Etsy. I don't have much listed yet, but I plan to add a lot more in the near future, including a few knitted things. As of right now, it all goes to Relay also :) If you already ordered a set or 2 of my markers from me way back I wanted to thank you again, and was wondering if you could favorite or comment on my shop (if that's even possible without making a purchase through that shop) just to get the word out a bit. 

Announcement 3:
Blog Award! I would thank Aubrey at Rural Pearls for the Versitile Blogger award. I am not going to take the time right now to nominate others, because I am in a bit of a rush and a lot of you already have this award anyways, but I just wanted to shoot out a thank you to Aubrey and also tell everyone to check out her blog, it's really fun to read, usually full of cute kitty pictures!

Announcement 4: 
More spindle art! I am working on ways to market my spindle art and have finally hit on something. I am creating postcards (to sell on my Etsy shop) with the spindle drawings. I really like the way that the charcoal looks but since these are for sale and it smears easily, I am sticking with ink for now. Below is a sample, I will be sending out a set to the contest winner as well as selling these on my Etsy shop. Right now they are just on basic cardstock with a basic post card layout on the back. Any advice on how to market or make them better would be greatly appreciated.

Announcement 5: 
I am still hunting down a pattern for that Blue Heron Bamboo Lace I showed you a week ago. I am now debating between a couple on the original list (Gretel, Hanna) as well as Monet ( I have someone sending me this mag, I really want to make this!) or attempting to design my own (I really want to do feather and fan) with the math I found here. I know in the end it's my project, but does anyone have any opinions on this?

So that's pretty much it, I have a ton of art work to get done this week, so I am will pretty busy. But by Saturday I should be home free. I turned in my prints for Printmaking today and my teacher said he wishes I was a print major. That made my day :)

Oh and so did this photo of my friend's baby with the bunny I made her back in September!

Have a great week all!



  1. So much good news and an incredibly precious baby photo. That bunny looks so cuddly.

  2. The baby and the bunny are adorable! I see a lifelong friendship there.

  3. Oh my, Lisa! So much is going on, this is fantastic! I really love the banner for your shop! About the top question, I think that if you really want to knit the Monet that you really should! But designing is another fantastic idea. Your bunny certainly seems to be loved!

  4. I am so excited for your new Etsy shop! How fun! I think Hanna is still my vote but I am partial to lace ;) That sweet little buby is the cutest! He looks so angelic snuggled up to your bunny! Love the funny cat pics too. My all time favorite so far has been the Beanie stealing the socks!

    Hope you have a lovely day. Are finals over yet? I sure hope so for your sake :)

  5. The blue one in the middle! Love the bunny and the baby :)
    Cool news about the shop!!

  6. Congrats on opening your Etsy store and on your award! I vote for Gretel because I'm a fan of CocoKnits. That bunny is adorable, and so is the baby.

  7. What a gorgeous baby! Looks very snug with the bunny :)

    Congrats on your Etsy store too!


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