Thursday, April 26, 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - Dishcloth Mania

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(oh and by the way, my contest is still going on until Sunday!)

Once again, today's topic was a bit of a push for me. I really am a knitter for all seasons, because I tend to knit depending on the season I am in. I wish I could be reversed - knit winter in summer and summer in winter - so I have the stuff to wear that coming season, but that'd drive me crazy. Anyways though I spent the day trying to think of what I really wanted to talk about with this topic, and realized that I could mention my dishcloths, since they are a versatile project.

As many of my regular followers now know, I am heavily involved with Relay For Life. I made stitch markers that I was selling (and still am....) to raise money, but before that I was on a dishcloth mission.

My aunt, who lives nearby, had suggested that I set up a table at the local Farmer's Market. We had planned to do this last summer, but this never actually happened. Between Scotland and summer school and not enough product it just didn't work out. I will hopefully get the chance to set up this year though, if I can wake up early enough.

Back when this plan surfaced the idea was to think of thinks I could knit to sell. The first thing that came to mind was dishcloths, since it was farmer's market, they are small and easy to knit, and the yarn is cheap. I started knitting them back in March of last year, and have been working on and off ever since.

The great thing about dishcloths (and how it relates to today's topic) is that they can be knit at any time, anywhere and any season. I made about 10 that first week I started since it was Spring Break. I made a bunch this summer during my breaks at work, and also have been making them off and on this previous fall and winter when I didn't feel like anything else. I have learned so many amazing stitch patterns and gotten so many done in the process.

The other nice thing is that I haven't had to buy hardly any of the yarn. If you haven't heard of the Random Acts of Kindness board you should check it out on Ravelry. I posted on my wishlist a few times about my dishcloth mission and have since gotten many skeins of cotton sent from amazing ravelers all over!

(there's a lot more than what you can see in this photo)

So looking back, I guess you can say I'm a knitter for all seasons, because I have a great project to do during any season!

Happy Thursday! Knit Night Tonight!



  1. Thanks for highlighting my blog!

    Now I'm itching to cast on some dishcloths. I've made a few, and you're right: they're easy, quick and don't take up a lot of yarn. I like how you can practice different stitch patterns with them.

  2. That is a great charity to support! I think selling dishcloths at the farmers market is a fantastic idea! Im sure you'll do wonderfully.

  3. I made a couple of face washers and really should do some more with all the left-over yarn I have.

  4. Woah, you have knit so many! Some of that yarn looks like a blast to knit with because of the pooling. I had no idea that you got so much extra yarn through RAK, so awesome!

  5. I love the idea of learning new stitch patterns by doing washcloths and having something you can pick up and work on any season. Have fun at knit night.

  6. Your post reminded me that I simply haven't knit enough dishcloths. :) I love the ones you've made, and you're right, they'd make great warm-weather knitting!


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