Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday...AND COOKIES!

Today's WIP Weds is short, sweet and too the point. Oh and mostly photos!

When you are an artist, your whole apartment is your studio. 
(Fig 2 and Drawing 3 Homework)

Literally, whole apartment. (Spindle drawings in progress)

And of course, you have to have a knitting corner!

My current studio room, occupied by my drawing homework. 

The single most amazing cookies EVER.

It's not a WIP but I really needed to share these with all of you. Lately I have been addicted to Pinterest, especially for the recipes. Well I have a whole board (Ways to Make Me Fat) and as Painting Society president it is my duty to provide sweets and experiment with recipes on them. So why not attempt something from said board? So last night I took a crack at Orange Dreamsicle Cookies and man are they amazing. 

A few tips:

Make sure you DO NOT press down the cookie dough. Also do not over bake, these are so much better soft.
I added a couple spoonfuls of Orange Juice to them also.
Understand that it's going to be a mess washing your grater after you zest your oranges. 

Anyways, these turned out so amazing! I had 3 in one sitting :/ 

Have a great week guys!


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  1. Looks like you are very busy with all your homework and assignments at the moment! And those cookies look delish!

  2. Your apartment looks like it is full of creativity! I can feel it just looking at the pictures!
    The cookies look and sound delicious.

  3. I haven't seen your studio room in a while, it really came together! Thanks for posting the recipe, I'm definitely going to try them!

  4. Your a gal after my own heart -- I'm never without cookies!


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