Sunday, October 21, 2012

No Longer 21

Wow guys, WOW. I'm 22. Just a year ago I turned 21. It was such a big deal then! And now, here I am. Another year older and no longer looking forward to being a certain age. I am still enjoying celebrating them thought!

I tried sushi for the first real time last night! What I ordered wasn't raw, but still AMAZING! I did try the raw stuff, compliments of my buddy sitting next to me :)

Going to Hibatchi places is always so much fun with your friends :)

So at 11:30 PM, after watching Aladdin, my friend Lynnsey decided that it was stupid to just leave with 30 minutes left until my actual birthday (today!) so we went to Walmart and bought balloons, and bubbles, and glow straws! 

Seriously, they are drinking straws with glow sticks in them!

Oh what a fun evening we had!



  1. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy being 22!

  2. Happy birthday!! And yay for sushi! Looks like you had a great time. :)

  3. Haha, what fun! Happy birthday. :)

  4. In that last photo you totally look like a cat! It looks like the perfect weekend to me. Happy birthday Lisa, I know that the next year has a lot of wonderful things in store for you!

  5. Happy birthday! But what do they put in those straws that makes them not instantly poison anyone who drinks through them?

    1. Haha the glow sticks are actually concealed and then put into the straws...


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