Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Evening Book Review: I LOVE HATS!

Hi fellow bloggers. I feel like I am a bit inconsistent with my book reviews, but school and life and well everything is just a bit much right now. But rest assured I will keep doing these reviews as long as there are books to choose from at my library. Yes I've reviewed A LOT but there still seems to be a fair selection which may even be growing.

Take, for example, the first book I am about to review. It has a 'new' sticker on it! That alone was calling my name. And let me just say, it's probably one of the few books I've looked at where I literally want to knit EVERY PATTERN! What is it you say? Well...

Weekend Hats by Cecily Glowik MacDonald and Melissa Labarre

-The premise. As mentioned in the intro, they asked designers to make hats they'd love to wear or give as gifts. Also, they talk about how hats are a great 'break' project that can only take a weekend.
-The photos are just lovely!
-Instead of only listing a certain yarn brand/type, they say the weight required, so you can switch out.
-The tips and techniques listed with patterns are great ways to learn new skills for new hats!

-Honestly, the only dislike is that it's an expensive book which means my wallet will not be happy when I break down and buy it!

Favorite Patterns:
-I can't list them all, that'd be too long! So check out here: Linky. I really cannot just choose a few.

Overall, LOVE this book! I am on a hat spree and this will just feed that addiction if I cave and buy it :)

Exquisite Little Knits by Iris Schreier and Laurie J. Kimmelstiel
-The idea of patterns for luxury yarns.
-The way the book is divided by yarn type. Especially since it's sometimes hard to nail down patterns specifically for certain yarn types (like ribbon, lattice etc)
-The intro to each section explains the yarn type.
-The patterns have zoomed in pictures of what the yarn you need looks like. 

-Here we go again, but it's mostly scarves and accessories. Don't you guys get the feeling that a lot of my 'dislikes' are the same from book to book????
-Many of the patterns seem a bit ugly, but maybe that's just the colors in the photo?

Favorite Patterns:

Overall, this is just another one of those novelty books filled with small stuff. There are so many out there that they all seem the same now! 

So today was probably the most unproductive I've been all year. I slept in until 11 and then my parents came up for the football game and that literally killed the whole day. But...KSU WON! We are not 8-0 for our season. Heck yes baby!

Oh AND my parents brought gifts. Pumpkin bread and money to order myself one of these bad boys! I cannot wait to get it, I've been needing a swift forever and these look super duper nice!

I hope everyone is having a graet weekend. I don't think I'll get anything done tomorrow either, I am just not feeling it? Do you ever feel that way? Like you have SO MUCH to do but you'd rather wait and be busy all week then do it on the weekends? That's me this weekend for sure. I am however knitting up a new still life for painting. But that barely counts as homework if it involves watching Netflix during it.



  1. Rats, I like almost every hat in that book, too! Especially the ones that are more sculpted and have an interesting shape, like the cloches and the beret. I'll have to put it on the wishlist!

  2. I am with you..sometimes I am just not feeling it. Usually I start feeling it late Sunday night, then boo, time for Monday.
    I have been thinking of adding the Hats book to my list for a while. Excellent review.

  3. Wait, you are getting the swift? Yay! The hat book looks great, the other one...well the knit shown on the front makes me cringe a little.


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