Thursday, October 25, 2012

Handspun and Art! (Opinions needed!!)

It's Thursday! Tomorrow starts the weekend, which for me is jam packed with way too much stuff. Between studio, a football game with my parents and lots of things to plan, it's gonna be busy!

I recently finished up some handspun yarn I wanted to share with you all. It's not perfect by any means, but since I was making drawings from it and also planned on using it for my Headbands that I want to sell, I figured it didn't have to be.

(Sorry in advance for the cruddy photos, lately my camera has had some focus issues)

Handdyed superwash merino in a really pretty rainbow colorway, plyed with undyed superwas merino. Probably one of the prettiest yarns I've ever dyed and spun. Now if I could only remember the colors I used to make it so pretty!

Handdyed lime green and yellow super wash merino, plyed back on itself. For my first attempt at plying on itself, it went well. Much more subdued and pretty in real life.

And the drawings I produced in the process! I have plans to mat these and sell that at a craft show for Relay in November. I was also hoping to get some opinions on potentially selling these elsewhere.  

After reading all the amazing posts about Reinbeck (sp?) I got to thinking that maybe I could sell drawings like these at fiber festivals in my area. I mean, they are super easy to make, and totally one of a kind. Plus they're unique and involve fiber in the process of making. What do you guys think? Would fiber festivals be interested in this type of product? I'd love some input before I waste more time making these!

Happy Fall everyone! It got down to 50 here today, and it was 80 yesterday! Go figure !!!



  1. Nice yarn! I particularly like the rainbow one.

    I think that with the right presentation, your spindle drawings could do well. There's so much to see at festivals that you'll want to make them really stand out, especially since they aren't by nature very colorful. So maybe simple frames with colorful matting? Something like that.

    1. Yea, I have been trying to use pastel pencils, but the color doesn't come out super dark :/ I may see about trying to sell them a show I know of in Jan.

  2. I love, love, love the rainbow yarn, it is so bright and cheerful! Oh and Kansas weather, I do not miss it!

  3. Your yarn is beautiful!
    I think your spindle drawings would do really well at a fiber festival or an art or craft show. They would need mats in a color that really showed off the design and maybe a mock up of how they are done so people can see just how they are made.

  4. I think your spindle drawings would be a great addition to a fiber festival! They're so unique, and I agree with the suggestions about colorful mats to set off the drawings and attract buyers.

    Also, your yarn is just gorgeous!! I especially love the rainbow one. :)


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